Malian pop wide title Oumou Sangaré has announced a brand contemporary unplugged album called Acoustic. It’s an album that includes acoustic reworkings of the songs from her 2017 album Mogoya. The album will be released digitally on June 19 and physically on August 28 by Nø Førmat. Bag out a few trailer for the contemporary album beneath.

“I suggested to Oumou that she story this album after a recount in London to celebrate 15 years of Nø Førmat,” impress founder Laurent Bizot said in an announcement. “At that concert, for the first time ever, she had agreed to procure a observe at out this acoustic manner, which is all about letting stir. The gap it created for her tell used to be indubitably very honest appropriate.”


01 Kamelemba

02 Fadjamou

03 Diaraby Nene

04 Minata Waraba

05 Saa Magni

06 Bena Bena

07 KounKoun

08 Djoukourou

09 Yere Faga

10 Mali Niale


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