By Nicole Gallucci

The Shirley Temple King has spoken, and sadly now not everybody is aware of the style to acquire the relaxing drinks to his liking.

Six-Three hundred and sixty five days-worn Leo Kelly — a Shirley Temple lover from Fairfield, Connecticut — is identified for his obsession with the sweet, cherry-stuffed, non-alcoholic drinks. He rates every Shirley Temple he orders on Instagram, and has develop into so standard that Ellen DeGeneres invited him on her camouflage to discuss his popular drink, command about the importance of cutting down on plastic cups and straws, and appreciate a official style making an are trying out. 

Infamous chefs Curtis Stone, Susan Feniger, and Cat Cora every whipped up their most titillating Shirley Temples for Kelly, who ruthlessly rated every. Spoiler alert: When Kelly dislikes a Shirley Temple he’s entirely incapable of hiding it.

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