Anna Cathcart couldn’t take from Peter Kavinsky and John Ambrose McClaren, the 2 teenage charmers vying for Lara Jean’s coronary heart in To All The Boys: P.S. I Peaceful Like You. But she, for sure, understands why some fans are torn. Whereas Kitty Covey, our heroine’s meddling shrimp sister performed by Cathcart, is firmly on #TeamPeter — she worked too onerous for that relationship in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Sooner than to give up now — Cathcart, 16, sees the enchantment of candy, gorgeous John Ambrose. He performs the piano! He’s a Hufflepuff! He listens to Lara Jean and would never, ever plagiarize Edgar Allan Poe. What’s no longer to love?

Happily, Cathcart’s no longer the one who has to construct the option. (Because she’d obviously take John Ambrose — appropriate sort reading between the traces here.) And by the finish of the anticipated Netflix sequel, Lara Jean has made her desire. How Kitty feels about her sister’s conundrum, nonetheless, is no longer if fact be told decided. But Cathcart thinks she’d serve Lara Jean it does no longer subject what; in any case, the Covey sisters are the coronary heart of those movies, are no longer they?

MTV News speaks with the young actor, who weighs in on the continuing Peter vs. John Ambrose debate amongst the series‘ fans, opens up about how her life (and social media) has modified within the wake of To All The Boys’s success, and the way in which she pertains to Kitty and Lara Jean in actual life.

MTV News: To All The Boys became once a enormous success. Became life any diversified for you at school?  

Anna Cathcart: A shrimp bit! I became once already performing, so that they already knew that. But coming motivate [to school] after the summer it came out, all people had viewed it, and all people knew me as Kitty. So some people had to bring together frail to that and wrap their head spherical it. But for essentially the most half, people appropriate sort sight me the style I sight myself.

MTV News: You, Lana Condor, and Noah Centineo if fact be told became stars overnight. It would must had been if fact be told abnormal to in some unspecified time in the future bring together up and possess 200,000 more followers on Instagram. And now you possess over 2 million. What became once that like?

Cathcart: Yeah, it became once so abnormal. It became once all the sort of blur. Basically, it if fact be told became once overnight. The following day people had been talking about it, and then a chunk of writing would contrivance out, and another article, and more followers. I’d sight ourselves on my come all the way in which by page [on Instagram], and I saved getting suggested movies of us and Google signals. Seeing that spread became once so crazy, and or no longer it is peaceable mind-blowing to me. I will no longer wrap my head spherical it.

A peaceable from ‚To All the Boys: P.S. I Peaceful Like You‘ / Netflix

MTV News: How attain you make a choice a stable, sure skills on social media for your self?

Cathcart: I admire posting things that are actual and official, that are appropriate sort me and things that I if fact be told like. These are the things that I are searching to snort people and fragment with all people. And things that I’d furthermore want to glimpse on someone else’s feed, pondering that here is something that I’d bring together pleasure from taking a gape at. Presumably for somebody else, it would construct them smile. I strive to no longer be negative in any manner on account of I fabricate no longer like seeing that on diversified people’s feeds. Social media on the total is a enormous sure negate, whereas you construct it that manner.

MTV News: I do know Kitty is firmly on Peter’s facet here, nevertheless are you #TeamPeter or #TeamJohnAmbrose? 

Cathcart:  I fabricate no longer know! I admire Peter. Who does no longer love Peter? Everyone loves him. Within the first movie, you completely tumble in love with him. But I feel like John Ambrose is more my sort of guy, in actual life. He’s gorgeous and candy. I’d be more drawn to someone like John Ambrose. Those scenes between Lara Jean and John Ambrose are so, so candy. But I non-public people fabricate no longer completely possess ample time to completely tumble in love with John Ambrose. You admire Peter so properly, so I non-public persons are going to desire him.

MTV News: What became once the vibe like on procure 22 situation after the inconceivable success of the first film?

Cathcart: It became once very exciting. Reuniting with all people, notably with Janel [Parrish] and Lana [Condor], became once wild. We had been screaming like crazy. Janel and I stunned Lana. She didn’t know we had been coming to procure 22 situation that day, so we had been appropriate sort screaming and freaking out. There are a bunch of original characters as properly, so as that became once stress-free, welcoming them and appropriate sort adding to the total household.

MTV News: Did it is possible you’ll presumably per chance furthermore very properly be searching to snort any diversified sides of Kitty within the sequel?

Cathcart: I admire taking half in Kitty, and he or she’s the sort of stress-free personality to play. And I loved wearing all of her outfits another time. So that became once massive. She’s peaceable a feisty, sarcastic, brave more or much less girl, and he or she can come up for her sisters. It is massive stress-free to play someone that confident, and he or she’s very tidy for her age. You will be ready to sight the dynamics between her and Peter rather of bit more on this movie, which is constantly brilliant.

MTV News: Kitty likes to meddle. Are you able to negate to that? Attach you want matchmaking?

Cathcart: I possess one older sister who’s five years older than me, and we’re massive, massive shut. I fabricate no longer if fact be told bring to mind myself as that form of person. But neutral no longer too long within the past my sister became once like, „Attach you designate you are like Kitty appropriate sort now?“ I became once giving her recommendation, what to reply to someone or what she ought to peaceable wear. And she became once sending photos like, „This outfit or this outfit?“ I became once searching to serve her. She became once like, „You are actually being Kitty appropriate sort now, to your older sister.“ And it became once if fact be told droll on account of I completely became once.

MTV News: So, you naturally became her? Or presumably there became once consistently rather of bit of her inner you? 

Cathcart: I could strive to channel my inner Kitty each so continuously when I need it.

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MTV News: Are you and your sister shut like the Covey sisters? 

Cathcart: We’re easiest chums. I fabricate no longer know any individual who’s nearer to their sister. It is if fact be told droll on account of my older sister, appropriate sort like Margo, went to England this year for college, and I became once very stressed out about it. I became once if fact be told timid that my total world would appropriate sort flip the other way up on account of I attain obviously trot away when I am performing each so continuously, or I will be on journeys for long classes of occasions. But the longest I’ve ever if fact be told long gone with out her is a month. But here is six months at one time, and that is the reason appropriate sort so diversified. Home is so diversified with out her there. She’s the compass in our household, so I circulation over her. But it for sure became once this abnormal life-imitates-art work 2nd. I felt like Lara Jean.

MTV News: Attach you negate to Lara Jean?

Cathcart: I negate to Lara Jean so grand. She is a comparable age that I am in actual life. So when she became once overthinking plenty — I am for sure an over-thinker, and I for sure 2nd-guess things. Moderately lots of youth girls attain, or appropriate sort childhood on the total. They’ve insecurities, and moreover they possess hundreds ideas and feelings your total time, and moreover they’re appropriate sort figuring out who they’re, and going by all this stuff. It is completely timely for me on account of I am in high college, I am in that interval of my life appropriate sort now. And I am for sure rather of a dreamer, and I feel plenty and I non-public plenty. It is if fact be told special to possess someone like her to gape as much as.

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