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What it’s likely you’ll maybe enjoy to know

  • Temtem is a creature-series game in the vogue of Pokémon.
  • The place it differs from Pokémon is that or no longer it’s an MMO with a bigger emphasis on online aspects.
  • Developer Crema Video games printed that it’s coming to PS5 in 2021.

Now we enjoy known for pretty pretty that developer Crema Video games had plans to raise Temtem to PS4 at one point, nonetheless now the studio has confirmed that Temtem is coming to PS5. Right through Sony’s most modern Train of Play, Temtem used to be shown off in a sleek trailer slated for a 2021 launch.

Designate adventure in the gorgeous Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Defend every Temtem, war pretty a pair of tamers, customize your persona, be half of a pal’s adventure and explore the dynamic online world.

Temtem took loads of flak for if truth be told being a Pokémon clone, nonetheless it undoubtedly owns its similarities. What Pokémon hasn’t done has made a legitimate MMO-vogue game, and that is exactly the void that Temtem fills. What’s pretty odd from the trailer is that there used to be no hiss of a PS4 launch. It’s unclear if that is unexcited in the plans or if the developer has abandoned it fully to focal point on Sony’s upcoming subsequent-gen machine.

You seemingly can also currently play it in Early Access on Steam, and because it’s likely you’ll maybe notify from its user reports, or no longer it’s gotten pretty the particular reception.

Pokémon Lite


Defend a dive into Temtem whereas or no longer it’s in early salvage entry to

Is it a Pokémon clone? Obvious, nonetheless Crema knows that. Temtem offers loads bigger than muse by system of its online aspects. Pokémon has stagnated over the years, so seemingly Temtem can comprise a void.

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