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Rihanna has requested other folks to sign a petition to stay Rodney Reed from being performed

The brother of a one who’s due to be performed in Texas says the household is working „non-stay“ to stay it.

Rodney Reed has spent 21 years on loss of life row for the murder of Stacey Stites. His execution date is 20 November.

He says he’s harmless and his lawyers claim that new proof proves that he did no longer abolish the 19-365 days-typical.

Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid bear all spoken out supporting him.

His brother Rodrick urged Radio 1 Newsbeat that he hopes this extra or less big establish backing will fetch a distinction.

The case has got extra attention since stars started tweeting about it.

Kim Okay has tweeted several events about Rodney Reed’s case.

But this story goes aid to 1996.

What happened to Stacey Stites?

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Rodney Reed says he became having a secret relationship with Stacey Stites

The 19-365 days-typical became due at work early within the morning of 23 April.

She below no situations turned as much as the grocery store in Bastrop, Texas.

Within about a hours, the truck she drove became chanced on deserted.

By that afternoon her physique became chanced on. She had been strangled with her bear belt.

Investigators chanced on a really tiny amount of sperm cells – three in complete – in her vagina.

The semen came from a young sunless man, Rodney Reed.

Police had his DNA on file on story of he had been investigated – however chanced on no longer guilty – over a sure sexual assault case.

He claimed that he became having a secret relationship with Stacey.

She became engaged to one more man, however Rodney’s brother Rodrick says the affair went on for months and that the „complete neighbourhood, the final household“ knew about it.

He says: „I viewed them at my mother’s rental, they came out to my rental one time.“

The proof in opposition to Rodney Reed

The murder weapon became below no situations examined for DNA. None of Rodney Reed’s fingerprints had been chanced on on the truck Stacey became driving.

The case in opposition to him became essentially built spherical his semen.

He talked about he’d had consensual intercourse with Stacey the day sooner than she became killed.

Educated witnesses urged the murder trial that is no longer be steady.

They argued that sperm also can no longer perchance bear survived in Stacey’s physique for goodbye.

In its establish, they believed that she’s going to must had been raped rapidly sooner than being murdered.

This became sufficient for an all-white jury to convict Rodney Reed.

He became sentenced to loss of life.

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The loss of life row years

Rodrick Reed says he has below no situations doubted his brother’s innocence.

His instruct is fashioned as he explains: „I am 100% sure my brother didn’t invent this. My brother is indulge in my easiest good friend.“

There may perchance be lawful a 365 days age distinction between them. Rodney is 51.

Rodrick says he’s misplaced rely of how over and over he’s visited him in penal complex, however security is tight.

„I really bear no longer touched my brother in 22 and a half years. Neither bear our oldsters, or no longer it’s no contact visits,“ he explains.

Away from penitentiary, or no longer it has been an ongoing steady fight.

He says: „I’ve been combating this for all those years, you know?

„You wouldn’t imagine how laborious right here is. That is one thing that, you know, you really can’t keep apart into phrases.“

New proof

A date has been location for Rodney Reed’s loss of life. He’s due to be performed on 20 November.

Rodrick Reed says right here’s a „nightmare that it’s doubtless you’ll perchance perchance no longer fetch up from“.

He says his brother is „standing on the truth and has faith“.

But on the same time, he says: „He’s skittish. Alarmed as hell. On story of this date is proper.

„The premise that they’d even entertain taking his lifestyles when he has accomplished nothing imperfect – nothing however bear a consensual relationship with a white girl.“

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Rodney Reed’s lawyers are combating to interchange this and bear submitted new proof.

The proof focuses partly on the claims by forensic witnesses within the authentic trial that sperm also can no longer continue to exist for extra than a day after intercourse.

A form of clinical consultants, Dr Roberto Bayardo, has keep apart out an affidavit explaining that he’s now mindful that sperm can stay intact for days after loss of life.

And so, he says, there may perchance be no proof that Stacey Stites and Rodney Reed had anything else different than consensual intercourse.

The Innocence Mission is representing Rodney and says this all capability that the predominant proof linking Rodney Reed to Stacey Stite’s loss of life became entirely imperfect.

Penal complex cell confession?

Stacey became engaged – due to marry a white broken-down policeman called Jimmy Fennell.

But now witnesses bear approach forward with statements regarding the couple’s relationship.

One girl talks about him pronouncing that if his girlfriend ever cheated on him, he would strangle her.

An insurance salesperson remembers Jimmy Fennell threatening to abolish Stacey Stites if he ever caught her „messing spherical“ on him.

One other commentary comes from a broken-down policeman.

He says he remembers Jimmy Fennell taking a detect at Stacey Stite’s physique at her funeral and pronouncing one thing about her getting what she deserved.

Jimmy Fennell went on to advantage years in penitentiary for kidnapping and sexually assaulting one more girl. He became launched in 2018.

Indubitably one of many new witnesses is a one who became in penal complex with him.

Arthur Snow became the leader of a white supremacist penitentiary gang.

He claims that Jimmy Fennell urged him that his fiancée had been sleeping with a sunless man within the aid of his aid.

In an affidavit he says: „In direction of the discontinue of the dialog, Jimmy talked about confidently, ‚I needed to abolish my n-observe-loving fiancée‘.“

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What does Jimmy Fennell speak?

His lawyer, Bob Phillips, says there may perchance be „entirely no longer a scintilla of merit“ on this claim.

He urged CBS Austin that Arthur Snow is a „occupation prison“ who’s „attempting to set apart his bear scalp“.

He additionally calls different new witnesses „laughable“ and questions why they waited goodbye to approach forward.

He maintains that or no longer it’s „entirely faulty“ that Stacey Stites became having an affair with Rodney Reed.

He asks: „Where are the like notes? Where are the photos?

„Where is one portion of corroborating proof different than other folks coming out of the woodwork 20 years after the truth?“

Movie smartly-known person strengthen

Kim Kardashian West, who wants to be a lawyer, has tweeted several events about this case.

Many substitute celebrities bear spoken out too.

Rihanna inspired her followers to sign a petition.

Gigi Hadid signed it.

Meek Mill linked to extra recordsdata on the case.

Busta Rhymes and LL Cold J additionally got alive to.

Rodrick Reed says he’s „praying that it makes a distinction“ by drawing attention to the case.

He explains: „The extra big establish experiences that we fetch, the extra the realm is taking a detect at this.

„And we’re attempting to fetch the realm to detect at my brother’s case, so these other folks right here in Bastrop will be skittish to snatch his lifestyles.“

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