Over the weekend, DC Comics held what it called FanDome. Primarily the most up-to-date in a prolonged line of online-only conventions, the presentations most regularly stuffed the void created by the indisputable truth that there used to be no huge Warner Bros. panel at Comedian-Con International this year.

Within the future of the weekend’s occasions, DC unleashed a slew of teasers and trailers for its upcoming movies—most of which felt treasure drops of ice-chilly water in the superhero-film drought of this summer. Speaking of, one of many splendid trailers released used to be for the sequel to the superhero blockbuster of 2017: Wonder Girl. It’s practice up—Wonder Girl 1984—jumps forward a couple of a protracted time to the abilities of department retail outlets and Day-Glo, giving a resurrected Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) a fanny pack and Diana (Gal Gadot) the splendid anti-aging cream money can bag. (JK, she’s an Amazonian warrior, she doesn’t age treasure mere mortals.) It also has Kristen Wiig’s Barbara/Cheetah in motion. It looks treasure a helluva lot of stress-free, and it also guarantees to answer to the request, “Barbara, what did you are making?”

Next up: The Batman. Primarily the most up-to-date Caped Crusader film, starring Robert Pattinson, recommendations Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/the Penguin (have faith us, he is there; he is correct in the attend of varied make-up), and Paul Dano as the Riddler—and it looks treasure different stress-free. Additionally, thanks to Pattinson’s liberal negate of detect make-up, it looks an terrible lot treasure The Crow, upright all the sort down to the 1990s soundtrack. No topic. We’re in.

Within the future of FanDome, DC also showed off a couple of teasers for The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s prolonged-awaited (and prolonged-belabored) slice of Justice League. (You capture into consideration that one, upright? The particular particular person that appeared treasure a fantasy unless fans talked about it so powerful Warner Bros. determined to inquire Snyder to produce it for HBO Trot? Yeah, or now not it is a exact thing now!) For The Suicide Squad (now not to be careworn with 2016’s Suicide Squad), there would possibly be no actual trailer, but fans make now grasp a character-negate teaser and a montage of in the attend of-the-scenes footage and interviews that is de facto a extensive center finger to director David Ayer’s capture on the antihero personnel from correct four years in the past.

Persevering with the theme of outlandish scoring selections, the trailer for Snyder’s slice of Justice League is determined to Leonard Cohen’s „Hallelujah,“ and albeit, it doesn’t produce the film search so powerful treasure a fresh slice of the 2017 film as it does a fully varied film. Regardless, it looks as flashy and grimdark as that it is likely you’ll perhaps well possibly also request. See it for yourself below.

Wonder Girl 1984 is scheduled for initiating October 2. The Batman, The Suicide Squad, and Snyder’s Justice League slice are all slated for 2021.

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