The pop megastar is the most modern celeb to soar on the ice cream order.

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When she became rising up, Selena Gomez became a mammoth fan of the prolonged-lasting Unusual York Metropolis ice cream parlor Serendipity3. Now she’s teaming up with Serendipity Producers to assign her fill private flavor.

Cookies & Cream Remix consists of purple vanilla ice cream, cookie bites, and chocolate fudge. In an mesmerizing tainted-mediums marketing and marketing transfer, the singer has teamed up with K-Pop artists BLACKPINK to free up the music „Ice Cream“ to assist promote her foray into the frozen meals aisle. 

Ice Cream is the contemporary bottled water

Over the past few years, it gave the look of every celeb became popping out with a bottled water designate. Gwyneth Paltrow has Drift, The Rock has Voss, and the Kardashians fill Essentia. Now celeb-counseled ice cream is the complete rage.

Gomez is lovely the most modern megastar to keep her name to an ice cream designate. Desus Good and The Kid Mero, hosts of Desus & Mero nowadays launched a six-flavor „bodega capsule“ bundle with ice cream purveyor, OddFellows Ice Cream. Last year, Dwayne Johnson launched his Dwanta Claus Vacation Pack for craft ice cream company Salt & Straw. Bradley Cooper has counseled Haagen-Daz. And even senator Bernie Sanders has his fill Ben & Jerry’s flavor called Bernie’s Support. 

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