We can by no manner get away Sonic. He repeatedly returns. Very most spicy week, after the contemporary Sonic The Hedgehog the film trailer was as soon as released, I made a decision to as soon as again throw a Sonic-themed contest. I regret this.

Our winning image this week comes from Mrichston who shows us a scene from the upcoming re-start of The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Odd cameo, but I bid Sonic likes rings too.

I used to be as soon as unnerved that with out a inventory image to work with I wouldn’t get as many immense images. Nonetheless as long-established, you of us knocked it out of the park creating some truly unpleasant things.

You’re going to be in a space to investigate cross-take a look at the usual put up to gaze the complete entries, but listed below are some of my favorites.

Xenix33 wins the award for “Simplest Sonic Film Featuring Tim Heidecker.”

Cecil_banon will get nothing and I’m calling the police officers.

Ganelon picks up the award for “Most Awkward Sonic Scene.”

EpicTacoSam grabs the award for “Simplest Sonic Hump-off.”

Done With Kinja receives the award for “Worst Commerical.”

Bob The Rock wins nothing ensuing from he is Banned For Life. And what did you fabricate with Diminutive one Yoda?!

Rembrantt nabs the award for “Worst BB.”

ChrisMC will get the award for “Oh God, What The Fuck?”

ChefRobertIrvine receives the award for “Sticking To Sports.”

And in some design, Plastic Hearts Podcast wins the award for “Simplest Political Satire.(Featuring Sonic)“

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