By Adam Rosenberg

Did we in spite of every part desire this? Showtime appears to be like to think so.

The principle trailer for The Comey Rule makes its pitch. It is a dramatized story of the 2016 election’s closing days and the choices made by extinct FBI director James Comey that first enabled and then threatened Donald Trump’s presidency. It stars Jeff Daniels as Comey and Brendan Gleeson as Trump.

Are you able to’re thinking that of a extra pointless checklist to dramatize in 2020 than this do away with on Trump’s ascent? Significantly one which, as this trailer suggests, turns a man who’s by all public accounts an incompetent buffoon steady into a menacing presence? 

That’s gonna be a bound from me. When you in actual fact must relive the hellish give up of 2016, nevertheless with a facet of manufactured stress, The Comey Rule premieres Sept. 27 on Showtime.

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