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Over the weekend, presumably the most productive Rainbow Six Siege teams within the realm took to the stage at Dwelling Bell in Montreal, Canada, to compete for a $3M USD prize pool. Whereas the mentioned reason of the Six Invitational, Rainbow Six’s annual world championship, is to crown a victor in a 16-crew world tournament, the weekend had one other level of curiosity previous opponents. At some level of the weekend, one note used to be repeated repeatedly by followers, special company, commentators, teams, and Ubisoft representatives – community.

As the supreme Rainbow Six Siege match of the yr, the Six Invitational has grow to be greater than like minded a primary tournament. On Saturday, developers took over the commentary booth to teach straight with a packed stadium about novel recreation announce material, enhancements to present characters and maps, and the future of the game. Sunday’s matches were interrupted by a presentation rolling out a new esports enhance for Rainbow Six, with Ubisoft representatives again taking part with the crowd.

Whereas novel announce material bulletins relish grow to be a steady be aware for big esports events (the game’s most passionate followers are already tuned in, so it like minded is wise to market to them), these unearths are veritably relegated to a brief video teaser with more valuable components to be printed at a later date. As a change, Ubisoft took time out of its supreme opponents, delaying the supreme matches of day after day in expose to communicate with the community about how the game would possibly well well be altering.

That relationship between developer and community used to be a general theme at some stage within the match. Upon coming into the venue, spectators would possibly well well stroll thru a museum-esteem row of displays highlighting major community figures similar to lead Reddit admin Jacob “Keren” Drumgoole and cosplayer Melisse “MeruKitsune” Cordero, as successfully as contributors of the Rainbow Six pattern crew. At some level of the weekend, these community figures were dropped on the mainstage to receive an award recognizing their contributions to the community. It used to be most seemingly the main time a Reddit moderator has ever received cheers and applause from hundreds of contributors of the community they back.

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Followers can even back meet-and-greets with assorted prominent community contributors, or meet the train actors on the inspire of the game’s quite loads of Operators (the term for Rainbow Six’s playable characters).

Match sponsors CORSAIR and Acer’s efficiency gaming designate Predator were also onsite to take with the community. Each brands had their logos featured prominently on the broadcast and at some stage within the venue, and each also operated a booth showcasing their merchandise.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow yr after yr, having not too long within the past surpassed 55M registered gamers. The 2019 Six Invitational had viewed a 300% expand in esports viewership. This yr the match grew yet again, generating 5.37M hours watched on Twitch over the elephantine tournament in comparison with three.01M in 2019. With a brand novel enhance on the horizon, persisted announce material updates, and a spotlight on fostering a community relationship, Rainbow Six Siege is poised to continue its upward trajectory.

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