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“Support me…”
Screenshot: UltimaShadowX (Twitter)

Hi there! This week we spend Half-Life to coach math, have confidence the trailer for next enormous Animal Crossing update, shock ourselves while we play Smash, be taught the way in which Nintendo is helping healthcare staff wrestle the pandemic and trap bad Roald in a cage made out of concrete partitions.

Mountainous Kotaku Pronounce From The Previous Week

We dangle reached a outlandish stage of isolation.

Young other folks, please sit down down and ignore the Strider within the again of me. Please, focal point on my math.

This is frigid, but why not dangle them all trudge in Burnout 3 as an replacement? Now that could well create for exciting TV!

I’d not ever catch bored with Doomguy and Isabelle being mates.


Howdy, don’t poke on other folks’s plants! You jerk.

The brand new Shaded Souls is asking…provoking.

I hate this.


Trailers And Videos From The Previous Week

As we are all caught interior for the following couple of weeks or months, we will correct must celebrate holidays in Animal Crossing. This sounds appropriate to me.

In an unbelievable world, we would catch a brand new Splinter Cell game as an replacement of Sam Fisher being dropped into random Tom Clancy games. However I’ll draw shut what I’m in a position to catch.

Will the realm within the discontinuance catch a GOOD Pre

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