Joe Goldberg (or Will Bettelheim?) is stalking his draw abet to Netflix for a Third season of You.

On Tuesday (January 14), Netflix confirmed the creepy sequence had officially been renewed for a Third season. Unfortunately, there’s no premiere date or liberate window as a ways as once we’re going to put a query to the thousand-yard stares and self-crucial narration to map abet, so we’ll be ready around to ogle once we’re going to opinion our next binge session for that.

But one thing’s indubitably moral now: we’re in for some extra severely fallacious shenanigans thanks to Joe’s creepy self.

If you watched all of Season 2, you’ll likely be aware a favorable massive bombshell that capped off the most fresh spherical of episodes. It be unclear how things will play out from there (no spoilers here!) alternatively it be likely the subsequent season will proceed „Will’s“ Los Angeles story in ways that we couldn’t put a query to.

And obviously we’re alive to to understand extra about Joe in fashioned, if that does occur to be his staunch title. What drives him to act the fashion he does? Why cannot he moral…pick up moral? It be excessive time we stumbled on out extra about his previous previous the glimpses afforded to us beforehand.

Whatever finally ends up going down, it guarantee that Joe couldn’t be getting his beget relaxed ending. Per actor Penn Badgley, Joe will never be sigh material because he’s a serial killer. Duh!

„Joe is rarely going to be relaxed — because he’s a assassin,“ he educated Vogue. „That’s where I basically feel fancy all of us pick up a miniature bit lost, nonetheless basically it’s moral there in front of you. He’s never going to be relaxed or settle for anybody, stay of story. And yet by some skill it’s no longer the stay of the story, and of us aid gazing.“

Clearly we’ll withhold gazing. Staunch fancy Joe and his most fresh sufferer, we simply cannot plug our eyes away.

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