Cyberpunk 2077 can even procure been delayed, nonetheless to ease the blow, no no longer as much as you would possibly perchance watch Microsoft’s sizzle trailer for its carefully leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X bundle. Evidently, it looks to be resplendent ill, with glow-in-the-shadowy decals, laser etchings, and LED lighting fixtures—nonetheless in this blogger’s belief, it goes to also utilize a bit more Keanu.

To be resplendent, most things can even utilize a bit more Keanu. The “No Future” decal is in actuality frigid, nonetheless you already know what even be higher? A glow-in-the-shadowy etching of a grungy Keanu’s face as he lowers his shades. Now that would possibly perchance well even be a chiseled work of artwork that can survey succor at me at uninteresting evening as I interrogate my existence decisions. Barring that, alternatively, the laser etchings and customized panels give the diminutive edition Xbox One X console a gritty in actuality feel that uncover about fancy they’d tie into the recreation’s environment.

Other than for the believe, particulars about the console are relatively diminutive. The YouTube description for the unlisted video notes that it’ll procure 1TB of storage, and that you would possibly perchance purchase the bundle in June—a fat three months sooner than the recreation is scheduled to commence. The bundle also comes with a customised Xbox One controller that also has an edgy “No Future” scratched into it. It’s unclear if a copy of the recreation comes with the bundle, on condition that it’ll attain out months sooner than the recreation. No observe yet about pricing both.

The timing for the diminutive-edition bundle is shimmering. When Cyberpunk 2077 became launched at E3 2019—a blessed tournament, because it ended with an look by a wild Keanu himself, rising fascinating from a cloud of smoke—it had an initial liberate date of April 16. For its phase, Microsoft has been teasing something Cyberpunk 2077-linked became on the device. On April 16, the Xbox Twitter tweeted out a pretend hacking assault with the hashtag #breakthecode. The chronicle’s bio became also changed to emulate a hacking error, and the divulge changed to Night City—the environment for the recreation.

Anyway, frigid Xbox, nonetheless in actuality, next time, add

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