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When a video of an attack on one of many UK’s largest rap stars went viral, three childhood have been murdered in the London borough of Haringey over the next 10 weeks. Tensions have long existed between rival gangs in Wood Green and Tottenham, but they rapidly escalated two years ago as tit-for-tat attacks have been filmed and posted on Snapchat and YouTube.

Ken (childhood employee in North London): There is a dispute between Tottenham and Wood Green. This has been occurring for a need of years. It’s a postcode war – N17 versus N22.

I’m hesitant to name them „gangs“ however the violence is namely spherical their standard of living, the music and the disrespect that they’ve shown to each and each rather a few – all performed out on social media.

Three deaths in 10 weeks

Johnny (young man from Tottenham – no longer his right name): I produce no longer contemplate a truce will ever be made between the two facets, cos it’s constantly perfect tit for tat, d’ya know what I’m announcing? They’re at war cos they’ve misplaced chums, they’ve misplaced relations. It’s perfect just like the Bloods versus the Crips man!

Nelson (young man from Wood Green – moreover an alias): They name it a „beef war“. Headie One is a rapper from Tottenham. They [attacked him] at a college [in Luton] and they filmed it. Within the event that you simply would be able to maybe very well be from Wood Green it’s, „Yeah, we now have got one up.“ They’re scoring points. Then there would possibly be a series reaction. The rather a few aspect goes to retaliate.

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Ken: A short residing of time after what happened on the college, we’re looking at [posts of] one more violent incident. A young man has been shot in the neck. Right here is all performed to humiliate, it’s performed to intimidate. It’s to verbalize, „You touch one of us, we will near support and touch you.“

The taking pictures took residing in Wood Green on Saturday 27 January – the day after the video of Headie One being attacked in Luton modified into build on-line. The man who modified into shot in the neck survived, as did a 2d taking pictures sufferer. A video taunting Wood Green modified into posted in an instant.

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And the day after that – Sunday 28 January – Headie One uploaded a display screen, Know Better, to YouTube. It modified into later launched by Sony trace Relentless Recordsdata.

Ken: That music is anxious to me, due to the it’s rather sure that what he’s in actuality pushing out in the music is what curiously took residing: a „loss“ in Luton, a „engage“ in Wood Green. There is this form of shut connection between what’s occurring and the diagram in which they build it into verse. That display screen now has in relation to 9 million views on YouTube.

Nelson: Headie One, he’s near out of nowhere, he’s made this music. Now it’s at some level of Radio One but they need to no longer working out the lyrics in that music. A loss in Luton, a engage in Wood Green. He’s relating to that individual that got shot in his neck.

What’s being said are info touching on to right other folks, what he is announcing is right. That individual that got shot in his neck, his other folks got to listen to that. Everybody from Wood Green knew precisely what he modified into relating to. Everybody modified into upset. Even if you happen to wasn’t precisely a gang member but perhaps an affiliate or perfect somebody from the plot, you modified into upset.

I produce no longer are seeking to knock anybody’s hustle or means of getting legit and bettering their lifestyles. Music is a means for a bunch of oldsters. However all people modified into anxious.

On Saturday 3 February, 22-Twelve months-weak Kwabena „Kobi“ Nelson modified into murdered in Tottenham.

Ama (cousin of Kwabena „Kobi“ Nelson): I in actuality chanced on out on Snapchat. I started seeing posts – broken coronary heart, broken coronary heart, broken coronary heart. After which other folks have been DM-ing me „Sorry to your loss. Sorry to your loss. Sorry to your loss.“ And I’m like, „Sorry for what loss?“ Then I got the name. I modified into like, „What produce you imply Kobi’s been stabbed?“

Kobi modified into my younger cousin. He modified into all about bringing communities together. He modified into a childhood employee. He passed away on 3 February 2018.

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Kobi Nelson

I do know this happened [because] of what’s been occurring domestically – the knife crime and stabbings. Why it’s happened to Kobi is what I produce no longer set up. Kobi wasn’t obsessed on any gangs. However residing in Tottenham does plan you additional inclined to obvious cases, and this is one of them.

Ken: I did know Kobi. He modified into doing a bunch of work with young these that have been caught up in that ordinary of living, making an strive to get them to assert their lifestyles spherical. However Kobi modified into, by affiliation, a excessive-worth target and happened to be in the unhealthy residing. It’s unforgivable what modified into performed to Kobi, he modified into a man of peace. He wasn’t obsessed on violence but you produce no longer wish to be difficult to get caught up.

Ama: After they urged me Kobi modified into ineffective, I modified into perfect in shock. It modified into moral by our childhood park, so where we had a bunch of memories. To know that is moreover the residing where he misplaced his lifestyles, it in actuality cut support deep. Each day is unruffled a laborious day. It’s perfect that you simply get better at going by it.

Nelson: I in fact produce no longer know but I will converse wholeheartedly I extra or less feel like if these posts and that music did no longer skedaddle out, the tension, or the scheme, have not got been this mumble for Kobi. There is a extraordinarily stable probability that it will no longer have happened, due to the there have not got in actuality been no gasoline added to the fireplace.

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Hear to Oliver Newlan’s File on 4 documentary, Taking the Rap, presented by Livvy Haydock, on BBC Sounds

Ama: Drill has never been my extra or less music due to the I will’t in actuality assert. I will’t stand taking note of songs where other folks are perfect announcing: „I’m gonna abolish this person, I’m gonna abolish this person.“

After I learned in regards to the Headie One component I knew there is doubtless to be retaliation. I produce no longer are seeking to entirely converse it’s due to that music. I contemplate that it had a colossal relating the destiny of Kobi, but it surely’s no longer the finest component. The childhood in our community are traumatised.

On 8 March 2018, 5 weeks after the execute of Kobi Nelson in Tottenham, 19-Twelve months-weak rapper Kelvin Odunuyi modified into shot ineffective outside the Vue cinema in Wood Green. Police contemplate the 2d execute modified into a enlighten response to the principle.

Kai (Kelvin’s brother): Kelvin modified into ravishing cold – he modified into restful, unruffled. He modified into a nice minute loving brother of mine. Sadly with the total gangs and all the pieces that came in after we moved to Wood Green, it went sideways in a brief time and he modified – he modified for the extra serious, in my deepest thought.

Ken: He build a post on social media outside where he modified into standing, you know, which moreover gave the positioning where he modified into at. And within 15 minutes of him posting that final post, then the guys dash up on him. They came up on a moped, you know, on to the actual paved plot, and they in actuality did what they did.

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Kai: A mate of mine texts me announcing that something happened to my brother. I modified into like, „What produce you imply something happened to my brother?“ I realised my mum and no one modified into in the dwelling. I modified into like, „What happened?“ Then I chanced on out, after they near support, that my brother had passed away.

I would possibly maybe maybe no longer focus on straight constantly, I modified into entirely bad spherical that time, like entirely – especially due to the total other folks circulate-mouthing him on social media. Of us have been cussing him out on his deathbed, all of that, announcing, „Come threaten the family. Come produce us in.“ It’s perfect no longer moral.

On 2 April, 17-Twelve months-weak Tanesha Melbourne-Blake modified into shot ineffective in Tottenham. Police contemplate her loss of life modified into linked to the crowd feud.

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Tanesha Melbourne-Blake

Hakeem (Tanesha’s brother): I literally perfect got support from college. I perfect build my bags down and then I got a cell telephone name from my brother announcing that she got shot, but I did no longer in actuality contemplate it.

I went straight all the vogue down to where she got shot. We ended up pushing previous the police, leaping over the partitions, and then we realised it modified into her. She modified into on the floor. Even perfect picturing it now, I unruffled produce no longer contemplate it.

Ken: A young lady with all her future ahead of her misplaced her lifestyles, most productive due to the she modified into standing in the unhealthy residing on the unhealthy time. And she wasn’t the intended target, I’m rather gratified of that.

Hakeem: She modified into spontaneous. She modified into perfect a bubble of lifestyles, in actuality. She modified into constantly singing, constantly wished to plan something of herself.

Ken: I have been accessible for fair about 15 years, and that time resonates with me, due to the depth and the regularity of the violence. It modified into senseless, it modified into savage, it modified into uncalled for, and I in actuality produce no longer are seeking to discover a length like that ever all another time in my lifetime.

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I produce no longer contemplate that social media modified into the finest component but I contemplate that social media ignited the actual explosion that modified into skilled spherical that time.

Drill artists that plan money from producing lyrics that glorify somebody losing their lifestyles – it inflames the mumble. It affords out the unhealthy influence that this is what we produce in the sunless community. Right here is no longer what we produce. We’re uninterested seeing this model of violence in our community.

Hakeem: I’m in overall making an strive to present a [TV drama] series which reveals how an person’s lifestyles can alternate – and programs to destroy the cycle of violence. It’s a topic of who’s willing to destroy the cycle, cos other folks can no longer themselves – literally, they need a pioneer.

Ama: I constantly felt as if, at some level, I modified into going to present support to my community or work with my community. However in the event you lose a family member in this extra or less means, it creates an urgency, you know, it’s no longer something that would possibly maybe maybe now wait. Right here is something that wants to be addressed.

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Broadwater Farm in Tottenham, where Headie One grew up

I ship mental health first encourage training. I developed a skill-building programme in colleges, in church, in Haringey, to empower childhood to have obvious aspirations.

After I get up in the morning and I discover the childhood on the streets, I discover the childhood getting on the bus going to highschool, that is my hope.

The BBC requested Headie One to comment, but he declined. Snapchat says it takes swift action when offenders are reported and that it in actuality works closely with the police. YouTube urged the BBC it modified into working with the Met Police and the Dwelling Put of job to form out gang-related verbalize material.

Neron Quartey from Wood Green is serving a 26-Twelve months sentence for the execute of Kobi Nelson – however the investigations into Kobi’s loss of life, and the deaths of Kelvin Odunuyi and Tanesha Melbourne-Blake remain vigorous.

Interviews by Livvy Haydock, extra reporting by Alys Harte

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