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2019 was a tumultuous year for K-pop; rocked by scandal, flagrant abuse of vitality, loss, and tragedy, Korean artists persisted to push boundaries on the alternative hand, making monumental waves international and producing among the year’s most dynamic, attention-grabbing work.

This year, BTS smashed streaming records, topped the Billboard 200 albums chart for a Third consecutive time with Map of the Soul: Persona, and made ancient past, turning into essentially the most considerable Korean community to latest on the Grammys and do on the Saturday Evening Are dwelling stage. SM Entertainment supergroup SuperM debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, turning into the 2nd K-pop artists to top the chart. EXO made their triumphant return with Obsession, an album fleshy of broody bangers, funky pop, and sensual R&B. Twice, Stray Younger folks, and Monsta X sold out venues across North The US. And monster rookie teams bask in ATEEZ, The next day X Together, and ITZY didn’t appropriate advance to play — they came to seize.

In the sector of K-pop, there is no such factor as „too unparalleled,“ and the next launch — single, album, and song video — is consistently across the corner. (Stray Younger folks dropped three EPs, 5 singles, and 12 song movies this year on my own.) With so unparalleled work being produced, it could truly per chance also moreover be easy to miss the correct gemstones in a community’s discography.

So right here’s to the tracks that generally bound misplaced sight of with this listening recordsdata to a pair of the particular K-pop B-facets of 2019.

20. Blackpink: „Kick It“

Blackpink is well-known for their in-your-face anthems and bombastic bops, which is what makes „Kick It“ this kind of standout of their catalog. Or no longer it is quintessential for the woman community, confident and stuffed with attitude, but softer than their in model tracks. Its mellow trap beat is paying homage to their debut single, „Whistle.“ Or no longer it is take a seat again nonetheless anthemic — especially as Lisa asserts, “Never wished nothing else / Appropriate a runt deal with from myself.“ Or no longer it is the ultimate quit-of-the-occasion tune, when or no longer it is appropriate you and your traffic doing all your own factor.

19. Everglow: „Moon“

Making their debut with the banger „Bon Bon Chocolat,“ Everglow ultimate launched a few songs this year, every sounding solely diversified from the closing. They’ll bound large (hiya “Adios”), nonetheless the behind-burning „Moon“ is their most intoxicating launch so a ways. Atmospheric and prankish with trap drums and a bouncy beat, it’s perfect for must you are going to also gain to bounce out your frustrations. With „Moon“ Everglow delivers a subtle more or much less alchemy, one that leaves you under their spell.

18. Oneus: „Pink Thread“

2019 was the year of the newbies. So many proficient objects emerged, every vying to make their mark with various releases and fresh concepts. However no rookie community has as many hidden gemstones of their younger catalog as Oneus. The six-member boy community debuted in January with the irritable „Valkyrie,“ nonetheless it completely’s the sweeping pop ballad „Pink Thread“ that showcases the depth of their musicality. Oneus has a aptitude for dramatics (glance: „Twilight“), nonetheless „Pink Thread“ is uncharacteristically stripped down — allowing vocalists Seoho and Keonhee to undoubtedly shine whereas rappers Ravn and Leedo own the tune to fresh heights with a pinch of their signature chase.

17. NCT Dream: „Bye My First…“

„Exclaim“ was an astonishing single. Visually and sonically, it signaled a used, edgier, technology for NCT Dream, the teenage subunit of NCT. In incompatibility, We Exclaim’s standout tune „Bye My First…“ is intellectual and poppy, nonetheless it completely silent finds the community wrestling with large emotions bask in first deal with. There could be something nostalgic about the particular groove on „Bye My First…“ — a mix of Jaemin and Jeno’s mellow raps, Haechan’s falsetto, and a strumming guitar that retains the tune gentle and fresh. Or no longer it is youthful with out being childlike; that is NCT Dream all grown up.

16. GFRIEND: „Paradise“

It can per chance even be argued that any tune given the title „Paradise“ could per chance be the particular B-aspect on an album. Search: „Paradise“ by BTS; „Paradise“ by NCT 127; and now, „Paradise“ by GFRIEND. Or no longer it is a funky tune with jazzy flourishes (that bassist is the correct hero right here) and honest harmonies. There could be nothing K-pop loves more than an explosive fall, which makes a tune bask in „Paradise“ the more or much less groovy easy-listening that stands out amongst the noise. Or no longer it is miles no longer a inform; or no longer it is a twinkle.

15. Itzy: „Cherry“

Who speed the sector? Teenage women. Or no longer it is laborious to imagine a single rookie community that made more of a cultural impact than ITZY, the plucky fivesome from JYP Entertainment. With their vibrant sound and frigid-chick vitality, ITZY dominated this year with two shatter singles, „DALLA DALLA“ and „ICY,“ which swept South Korea’s televised song reveals and turned mainstream hits. However „Cherry,“ a B-aspect off their EP IT’z ICY, gives a see into the band’s future. The brooding, minimalist tune is a likelihood for participants Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna to flex their versatility with smokey verses and a hypnotizing hook. However the tune’s proper vitality is the technique in which ITZY deliver themselves; they’re no longer requesting your consideration, they’re taking it.

14. EXO: „Tiny one You Are“

We conclude to went a total year with out a single launch from one among South Korea’s greatest boy bands, nonetheless that everybody changed in slack November with the launch of their sixth fleshy-length undertaking Obsession. And lucky for us, when EXO commits to a file, they in point of fact commit. However what makes „Tiny one You Are“ stand out on a tracklist jammed with dynamic pop songs and sensual R&B cuts — ultimate EXO could per chance do their rhythmic pièce de résistance in the heart of their album — is that it follows the formulation for everything that makes EXO an undeniable power in the industry: a sticky hook, tight vocal harmonies, charismatic rap verses, and lush vocals. EXO would no longer gain anything else to inform at this stage of their careers, nonetheless a tune bask in „Tiny one You Are“ reminds you why they’re everybody’s obsession.

13. ATEEZ: „Utopia“

Withhold your eyes on ATEEZ. Or no longer it has been a runt over a year since this eight-member community stormed onto the scene with their boisterous pre-debut tune „Pirate King,“ and the momentum has been constructing ever since due to their powerful performances and memeable personalities. The community is a runt tough across the facets — with their punk-rock attitude — nonetheless „Utopia“ is their most digestible pop effort but. Or no longer it is the more or much less tune which you may per chance’t imagine wasn’t a single (even though it was later re-launched as a Japanese single), an brisk mix of prismatic melodies held down by one hell of a catchy hook. Or no longer it is thrilling from beginning to quit.

12. SuperM: „2 Hasty“

On first listen, “2 Hasty” could per chance also seem bask in the particular tune you’ve ever heard. Decided, that can sound hyperbolic, nonetheless must you hearken to this SuperM tune, it feels bask in you are going to be ascending. To where? Per chance to a blueprint where „jopping“ is universally understood. The tune — from participants Taemin, Baekhyun, Discover, and Lucas — is soft and sultry, leaning into SM Entertainment’s R&B sensibilities. The bouncy synths and vivid harmonies feel paying homage to a SHINee slash, nonetheless „2 Hasty“ gives up ample surprises (including a thrilling mid-tune tempo change-up) to preserve listeners guessing. Or no longer it is a tune that, bask in SuperM, by no arrangement settles into one singular groove.

11. CIX: „What You Wanted“

For a rookie community, a predominant single is considerable — especially in a year as aggressive as 2019. CIX debuted in early August with „Movie Indispensable person,“ a smoldering pop tune with killer point choreography. Or no longer it is classy and successfully-produced, nonetheless it completely lacks the more or much less entice, charm, and vitality that B-aspect „What You Wanted“ has in spades. The tune is confident, paying homage to ’90s boy band greatness, and it hooks you at as soon as with its tough beat, velvety vocal harmonies, and seamless transition between singing and rapping. „Movie Indispensable person“ left a appropriate first impression, nonetheless „What You Wanted“ made a lasting one.

10. Pink Velvet: „Sunny Facet Up“

Pink Velvet has one among essentially the most impressive discographies in K-pop, thanks in half to their versatile thought that allows them to make energetic earworms („Pink“) and soft R&B tracks („Velvet“). So or no longer it is miles no longer dazzling that they’re generally most steadily known as the Queens of B-facets by fans, and „Sunny Facet Up“ is a considerable addition to their catalog of hidden treasures. A standout slash from The ReVe Pageant Day 1, the tune is a slinky, laid-again summer jam. „Zimzalabim“ was a polarizing single, nonetheless „Sunny Facet Up“ proves that, when it involves Pink Velvet, the vocals are essentially the most considerable appeal.

9. The next day X Together: „Magic Island“

The ballad „Magic Island“ acquired’t at as soon as stand out for listeners of The next day X Together’s first fleshy-length LP The Dream Chapter: Magic, a chain of groovy synths („Novel Principles“), R&B cuts („20cm“), and bubblegum pop („Poppin‘ Indispensable person“). However a nearer listen finds the charm of „Magic Island.“ Or no longer it is a subdued tune — with soft keys and airy vocals from participants Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Heuning Kai — nonetheless it completely inevitably lulls you into a sense of deep serenity. Warmth and wistful, you’ll yearn for “Magic Island” as the days get shorter and the nights get colder.

8. Stray Younger folks: „Chronosaurus“

Time — catching up to you, leaving you in the again of — is personified on „Chronosaurus,“ a highlight of Stray Younger folks’ March EP Clé 1: MIROH. A play on „Chronos,“ the Greek be conscious for „time“ (chief Bang Chan is a self-proclaimed mythology nerd), and „Kronosaurus,“ a prehistoric predator, the title is appropriate for this haunting tune, a flowery mix from the community’s powerful rap line and their expressive vocalists. Stray Younger folks were transferring at a breakneck tempo since their debut in early 2018, and „Chronosaurus“ — produced by participants Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han — is a candid scrutinize at how undoubtedly taxing the inventive process could per chance also moreover be.

7. Dreamcatcher: „Peaceful Evening“

To borrow terminology from stan Twitter: Who else is doing it bask in Dreamcatcher? K-pop’s resident rocker women are seemingly to be no longer afraid to mix it up, and whereas their signatures are heavy guitars and hovering vocals, „Peaceful Evening“ veers into digital territory. The fall is subtle, because it switches up the tempo with soft vocals and pounding synths. However the outro is the correct gem right here: Or no longer it is pure and pounding psychedelic EDM. Or no longer it is an plucky bound from the industry’s most dauntless women, and it’ll repay.

6. GOT7: „Thursday“

Or no longer it is excellent: GOT7’s „Page“ is the B-aspect of the Year. Or, no longer much less than it was until „Thursday.“ GOT7 has experimented with diversified sounds and concepts over time, nonetheless I undoubtedly bask in prankish GOT7. (Say: „Appropriate Appropriate,“ „Teen.“) And this deal with-struck tune, produced by chief JB and featured on the community’s fresh Name My Title EP, faucets into the community’s prankish aspect with soft vocals, soft melodies, and a fab beat. The hushed harmonies are there to remind you that GOT7 would no longer get conclude to ample credit for their vocals.

5. BTS: „Dionysus“

Map of the Soul: Persona is an album fleshy of crisp bops, which makes the mere existence of „Dionysus“ a damn miracle. There could be something rather raw and unrefined about „Dionysus“ — a rousing prog-rock drinking tune produced by member J-Hope — and that’s the reason what makes it so profound. It harkens again to the community’s early days, when BTS’s sound felt more aggressive. The witty rap verses and explosive choreography are traditional BTS, so or no longer it is an plucky commentary to be capable to add it as the closing tune to their most in most cases circulated file but — a nod to the undeniable truth that, no topic you watched about the supergroup’s fresh musical route, which you may per chance by no arrangement own the Bangtan out of the boys.

4. Day6: „Wanna Gallop Lend a hand“

Day6’s discography has zero skips, nonetheless no tune this year begs replaying button more than „Wanna Gallop Lend a hand.“ The nippiness tune is equally intellectual and wistful — that is Day6’s total vibe, in spite of everything — reflecting on the halcyon days of childhood, when things had been much less complicated, worries had been non-existent, and dreams felt nearby. It’s soft: The tune has that „radio up, top down“ feeling of a long summer force. No longer to present, the tune gave us one among the particular surprises of the year — Dowoon’s vocal moment on the bridge — due to the drummer’s candy baritone.

3. NCT 127: „Twin carriageway To Heaven“

Since making their bombastic debut in 2016, NCT 127 gain carved out a determined blueprint all over the crowded K-pop market with heavy bass traces, intense chase, powerful choreography, and a sturdy emphasis on hip-hop. However the polished „Twin carriageway To Heaven“ is no longer what you’d quiz from the confident ensemble, and that’s the reason exactly what makes it so considerable. The brilliant synth-pop banger sounds more bask in a Carly Rae Jepsen single than anything else in NCT’s discography. Or no longer it is structured almost entirely across the community’s vocalists — the layered vocals on the hook make it feel broad — and even the rap verses from Taeyong and Discover seem melodic. The euphoric tune expands as you listen; by the time vocalist Haechan delivers his heart-stopping tag on the bridge, you are already seeing stars.

2. Seventeen: „Lie But any other time“

Neglect the Darkteen vs. Freshteen debate; or no longer it is all about Softteen. Of your total genres Seventeen showcased on their September launch An Ode — the EDM banger „HIT,“ the darkish and simmering „Ache,“ the R&B behind jam „247,“ the energetic „Snap Shoot“ — „Lie But any other time“ is as conclude as they advance to a ballad. Tinged with candy dejected, the tune highlights the 13-member community’s vocal prowess, with powerhouses DK and Seungkwan reining it in to inform their soft facets alongside the community’s versatile rap and efficiency objects. However that is no longer your ragged behind dance. Co-silent and arranged by Simon Petren, who produced their seminal „Behavior,“ the tune is correct now tender and hefty, its subtle fall and twinkling string outcomes giving it that burst of vitality that is advance to define Seventeen’s various catalog.

1. Twice: „Cherish Silly“

Full disclosure: Every B-aspect on Twice’s In reality feel Special EP is deserving of a tell on this list. Or no longer it is their most used, sonically entertaining launch so a ways with spectacular manufacturing and person writing credit from participants Nayeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Momo. However or no longer it is predominant dancer (and, on this tune, rapper) Momo’s electro-pop „Cherish Silly“ — that includes darkish synths, heavy bass, and sensual spoken-be conscious bits — that could per chance be Twice’s ultimate B-aspect ever. Transferring beyond the saccharine sound that is made them Asia’s most a hit lady community, or no longer it is proof that Twice are able to so unparalleled more than cheery hooks. They’re 9 younger women folk who gain plenty to deliver. However the do a query to is: Are you able to listen?

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