A brand original teaser trailer for Angels of Loss of life, the officially-licensed Warhammer 40,000 gripping series, has arrived. The trailer used to be debuted on the Las Vegas Commence gaming conference as allotment of a entire host of Games Workshop announcements.

No longer valuable is understood about the region of Angels of Loss of life, assorted than this can heart on the Blood Angels Home Marines. Moreover confirmed in this clip is a female hasty commander, and any individual who looks very valuable cherish a member of the Genestealer cults. Quiz the series to incorporate a massive selection of condo fight.

Angels of Loss of life is being created by the identical crew that made the Helsreach fan movie. The series is being written by members of the Warhammer StoryForge, a crew of writers who’ve previously labored on the series’ Murky Library novels.

The gripping series isn’t the most spirited original Warhammer series within the works. There’s also a dwell-circulation series coming from the crew within the motivate of Amazon’s The Man within the Excessive Castle series. The program will seemingly be called Eisenhorn and will note the region of the Dan Abnett trilogy by the identical title. Eisenhorn used to be presented within the summer season of 2019, and is currently in pattern.

When Angels of Loss of life used to be in the initiating presented, motivate in December of 2018, it came with a 2019 commence date, nonetheless it appears to be like that it bought pushed motivate no longer lower than a couple of months. This most unique trailer for Angels of Loss of life doesn’t have a particular commence date however does affirm the series is divulge to come motivate out sometime in 2020.

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