Hi there! This week we be taught a few sport with secret crossplay, be taught the scheme in which unpleasant Sport X Commerce is, gaze the major trailer for a irregular new Pong sport, accelerate to the ham window and look a endure abet the enviornment in a small plan.

Mammoth Kotaku Protest material From The Past Week

I didn’t query the bullshit effectively being pointers to be…total bullshit. Like, read these pointers. I changed into nervous by how execrable this company is handling this ache.

Pay your builders better. Please. Even as you happen to might per chance perchance perchance furthermore be going to keep them by strategy of months of crunch and stress, at the least at pay them more after the sport comes out and makes so a lot of cash. (But truly, don’t force devs to crunch in the major instruct.)

I felt a mammoth disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices all correct now cried out in dismay, and had been all correct now silenced.


Tom Nook doesn’t truly feel trouble. He only creates it.

Hi there, meet me at the ham window. I purchased some stuff for you.

The field is stuffed with chaos correct now and this endure is making an strive to abet, one website online traffic cone at a time. (Favorite video here)


Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

This doesn’t survey the rest like Keanu Reeves…

I’m weirdly mad to play this all another time. I am going over when we bought mountainous budget single-participant campaigns that had been honest 8-hour adventures without launch worlds and crafting.

I grew up playing that irregular Pong sport on the Playstation, so this appears to be to be like as if one thing I could per chance perchance perchance furthermore be

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