By Nicole Gallucci

Viewed The Irishman already and develop now not know what to ogle subsequent? Right here’s a proposal: The Instagram video of Sylvester Stallone introducing Al Pacino to Man Fieri.

On Thursday, Sly shared some photography of himself escorting Pacino and Fox NFL Sunday’s Jay Glazer thru a residence to meet star chef and Meals Community star Man Fieri. Man was, of route, already cooking for them within the kitchen.

„I am about to introduce the massive Al Pacino to the massive Man Fieri, who’s going to produce some enormous food this day,“ Stallone announced. „Who’s gonna lunge apeshit over him,“ Glazer added.


Stallone: „Right here he’s. Man! Sight who it is far!“

Fieri: „Oh my god. Howdy boss.“ 

Pacino: „Howdy what’s up, Man?“

Fieri: „How are ya?“

*glances at his glean hand to test for food sooner than shaking the hand of Al Pacino*

Pacino: Oh I am so … shake that hand. 

Stallone: „The assembly of the titans.“

Fieri: *shaking Pacino’s hand* „What a pleasure.“

Pacino: „What a pleasure.“

Fieri: „What a pleasure. I hope you are hungry.“

Pacino: „I am repeatedly hungry.“


Horny. No longer handiest does this fully iconic photography bring so great pleasure, but it certainly’s handiest 28 seconds prolonged, unlike The Irishman, which is three hours and 30 minutes. Truly? We would potentially ogle this assembly on a loop for 3 and a half hours. And we undoubtedly need it was longer than 28 seconds, because we’re left with a large selection of questions.

To originate, the place are these males? Is that this Sly’s residence? Does Man cook for him frequently? Is it Glazer’s residence? In accordance with the Instagram caption he’s the one who brought every person collectively, so as that would possibly maybe well maybe almost definitely also produce sense. Whoever’s residence it is far, we scrutinize these Christmas decorations mute up on Jan. 9, and we respect them. 

We furthermore want to perceive what Man Fieri cooked for his historic „First Time Assembly Al Pacino“ meal. Are Pacino and Stallone about to half a plate of Trash Can Nachos? Did Pacino indulge in the food? Any individual please account for me!

Fieri commented on Stallone’s video, but handiest to voice, „Hahaha fancy it!“ 

This video of Al Pacino meeting Guy Fieri might be better than 'The Irishman'

Image: screenshot / instagram

I am sorry, but we’re going to need extra. Please produce a series of Sylvester Stallone and Man Fieri movies — a duo which shall henceforth be known as „Sly Fieri“ — on the long-established, please. And desire into consideration intelligent Robert De Niro subsequent time. 

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