• TLC is facing backlash for a brand new actuality teach called „Hot and Heavy,“ situation to air on January 7, concerning the connection trials and tribulations of three „blended-weight“ couples.
  • Many harmful reactions criticized the teach for featuring most attention-grabbing ladies folk because the „heavy“ associate.
  • Other disorders raised incorporated the title of the teach, the term „blended-weight,“ and the production of a teach that appears to be like to use bigger folk for entertainment.
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TLC offered a brand new actuality TV teach about three „blended-weight“ couples on Twitter this week, and even supposing it hasn’t aired, it has already sparked outrage.

Mighty of the backlash serious concerning the foundation that the teach, „Hot and Heavy,“ situation to premiere on January 7, turned into once baiting harmful attention toward these accurate-existence couples and contributing to sexist beauty requirements.

Hot and Heavy video still

Kristin and Rusty are viewed in the trailer speaking about gastric bypass surgical operation for Kristin if they’re trying to contain formative years.


Posting a trailer for the teach, TLC acknowledged: „For these couples, appreciate knows no size. Ogle the highs and lows of their blended-weight relationships on the sequence premiere of #HotandHeavy Tuesday, January 7 at 10/9c.“

—TLC Community (@TLC) December 10, 2019

Twitter users responded by calling the teach „tone deaf“ and offensive.

Hot and heavy video still

Pleasure says in the trailer that conventionally handsome ladies folk are essentially the most offended by her courting Chris.


One acknowledge puzzled why most attention-grabbing ladies folk had been featured because the „heavy“ associate.

„So… a teach exclusively about ‚men who appreciate plus-size ladies folk‘ but now not ladies folk who appreciate plus-size men,“ the tweet acknowledged. „Why now not both methods, @TLC?“

—GESS (@GESSwrites) December 11, 2019

Echoing the Curvy Spouse Guy, the teach appears to be like to preserve up the male companions as unprecedented men who are struggling with to be with their associate in spite of her size, somewhat than merely loving her for who she is.

In the instant trailer, the couples — Pleasure and Chris, Kristin and Rusty, and Adrianna and Ricardo — are all viewed dealing with separate disorders associated to the ladies folk’s size, but it completely entails no masks of relationship problems that the men shall be bringing to the desk.

Hot and heavy video still

Pleasure says to birth with of the clip that her mother told her „that it will be complicated to search out appreciate“ if she turned into once heavy.


Some acknowledged that and not utilizing a representation of a girl courting a bigger person, the teach perceived to be peddling the sexist belief that it is „surprising“ for a man to esteem any individual bigger than him.

One person acknowledged: „I need ‚blended-weight‘ to die a fiery death. Because overwhelmingly this is applied to stout ladies folk in relationships with less stout or skinny men. Meanwhile pop culture has been giving us stout men with skinny other halves as a norm for esteem each and every comedy sitcom or romcom?!?“

—Shantel G. Buggs, Ph.D. (@sgbuggs) December 11, 2019

One other acknowledged: „Obviously, most attention-grabbing the ladies folk are heavier. Let’s retitle, ‚How Can Males Maybe Luxuriate in Corpulent Girls folk?'“

—Emily McCarty (@emjmccarty) December 11, 2019

Others highlighted the questionable title and the usage of the term „blended-weight.“

One tweet acknowledged: „Right here is now not passable and that title is unhealthy.“

—Lil’Aaron (@CVNubiana) December 11, 2019

On the opposite hand, even the teach’s branding appears to be like to hammer dwelling the „heavy“ component of the teach.

Hot and Heavy

The teach’s branding emphasizes „heavy.“


TLC did now not straight acknowledge to Insider’s query for touch upon the reactions to the teach.

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