Jenny Han wants you to actually feel conflicted over John Ambrose McClaren, the candy Hufflepuff who presumably takes up shapely a minute little bit of too unparalleled position in Lara Jean’s thoughts in To All of the Boys: P.S. I Aloof Like YouAfter all, fans of the a hit Netflix franchise like already fallen head over heels for Peter Kavinsky, the lovable jock who received over Lara Jean’s heart in 2018’s To All of the Boys I’ve Cherished Before. But John Ambrose is kind and patient and soft; he’s true mates-to-fans material.

For Han, must you may well well per chance also very smartly be delivery Lara Jean and John Ambrose, then she’s doing something shapely.

On this conversation with MTV News, the bestselling young grownup writer displays on the success of To All of the Boys I’ve Cherished Before, the meteoric rise of its young cast, writing compelling take care of triangles, and the procedure she fell in take care of with John Ambrose, too.

MTV News: To All of the Boys I’ve Cherished Before turned into a phenomenon. All individuals watched it. My mother cherished it. Did you ever discontinue up for shapely how many folk would fall in take care of with these characters? 

Jenny Han: I went into it making an allowance for that I shapely wished the fans of the books to be entirely chuffed with it. After which I felt fancy whatever extra got right here of that will per chance well per chance shapely be the cherry on high of all of the expertise. So no, I deem I thought that youngsters had been actually going to take care of it. What used to be the categorical shock used to be the procedure it used to be so widely embraced by so many different forms of of us — mates of mine who watched it, who actually cherished it, that used to be meaningful to me. My agent’s daughter used to be eight at the time, [and] it used to be her popular movie. After which mates in their forties had been fancy, „I take care of this movie.“ In pronounce that’s been actually particular.

MTV News: Did the fervor across the critical film change the come you approached the sequel? Or used to be that already locked in and within the works by the level the critical one premiered?

Han: It wasn’t, no. And the noteworthy thing is since I had written three books, we already had a true roadmap of the assign we going with the leisure of the account. In pronounce that used to be roughly position. The come used to be shapely making an strive to gain all of the fans entirely chuffed. I undergo in thoughts announcing to the producers, I said, „My dream for this may well well per chance be a Terminator 2 kind of arena.“ Terminator 2 is one among my popular motion photos — the assign the sequel is even better than the critical one. The dream used to be to elevate all of the thing.


MTV News: It is a minute little bit of bit self-aware of the critical film’s success as smartly.

Han: I deem the error that sequels gain that I’ve considered, as somebody who loves a sequel, is whenever you happen to strive and scurry for the categorical same beats and shapely gain it a minute little bit of bit bigger. And I deem the categorical come is to make something new. You composed give them what they cherished in regards to the critical thing, nonetheless it’s a long way going to composed actually feel new and original and no longer fancy you may well well per chance also very smartly be making an strive to recreate the critical.

MTV News: Has the success of this franchise on Netflix opened you up to extra opportunities?

Han: Obviously. I’ve gotten to attain so many arresting issues. One among the issues used to be launched… Shonda Rhimes has a TV conceal known as Notes on Like, and it be going to be an anthology of take care of tales. And so she requested me attain one, and that’s something that got right here my come that used to be so enthralling to me. I cried. I used to be so indignant because I’m this kind of fan of Shonda Rhimes and what she’s built. And [I’m a fan of] storytelling in in type, and film is shapely yet one more come to attain that.

MTV News: Shonda has Shondaland. Is that what you glimpse for yourself? Is that what you wish?

Han: I construct no longer like any belief! Writing novels is commonly going to be a dwelling rotten for me because it be so fairly a few. With novels, it be shapely you and the web page. Afterward it turns into extra collaborative along with your editor after which realizing a duvet and advertising and all that stuff. But actually when the storytelling is going on it be shapely you. After which making a movie is amazingly collaborative. And the enthralling share of that’s must you acquire fabulous of us to work with then they’re bringing all their talents, and it be fancy wonderful belief wins, shapely? While you may well well per chance also very smartly be caught on something, you may well well per chance shapely seek data from somebody else, „What attain you imagine this?“ I take care of being on a team, so that aspect is in general inspiring to me.

MTV News: What used to be it fancy searching at your two young leads, Lana [Condor] and Noah [Centineo], like this exponential rise at the identical time because the film? I know you and Lana, in particular, had been very end and talked a lot within the manufacturing of the critical film.

Han: It used to be so overwhelming and I used to be extra protective, the assign I’m fancy, „I shapely make a choice you guys to actually feel OK.“ Going from in a single day to having hundreds and hundreds of followers — of us which will most likely be searching at your every circulate on social media and all these actually wonderful-making an try fans — it be all shapely, nonetheless it be moreover in general is a lot, especially for a teen. I deem it be a lot even for me, you know what I mean? So I shapely wished to be decided that that that all individuals felt precise and composed solid.


MTV News: Sturdy ample to get back and gain yet one more one? 

Han: Yeah, and of us had been entirely chuffed. Each person used to be so entirely chuffed to get back into the subsequent film, which used to be the categorical share of it. I undergo in thoughts Noah used to be fancy, „It’s fancy coming back to summer camp.“ And of us had been all collectively yet once more, and I deem there may well be something good about having that time along with the leisure of the arena in a come because whenever you happen to may well well also very smartly be working on a movie position, which I didn’t word unless I used to be so deep into it, used to be I used to be talking to mates back dwelling and I’m fancy, „Oh my gosh, my total world is shapely shapely right here, on this position.“ It is the bubble, and it be actually good to be within the bubble with such noteworthy of us.

MTV News: And there is a few original cast additions on this film. 

Han: Having Jordan [Fisher] and Ross [Butler], Sarayu [Blue], and Holland [Taylor] — those are our original cast contributors — every of them introduced so unparalleled to no longer shapely the movie nevertheless shapely all of the vibe. Jordan is an organizer, you know what I mean? So he’d take care of sport night, or they had been doing fairly a few movie nights, and I acquire to seek all of the bonding going on. And Ross is the identical come. His energy used to be always noteworthy on position. I used to be shapely laughing steadily. Each person rocked so unparalleled. I shapely may well well also no longer actually feel extra lucky that folk agreed to come and be on this movie.

MTV News: Casting of John Ambrose McClaren — clearly, right here is a actually crucial feature. He is the 2nd male lead and the third share of this take care of triangle that you simply’d like got created. What used to be crucial for you that this actor bring to the feature that Jordan introduced?

Han: His warmth. So unparalleled of that personality is within the come that she looks at him and the come that she thinks about him. It’s nearly fancy he’s a dream that got right here to existence. He is a reminiscence that she holds dear in her heart, who then comes back into the image and it be fancy, does that particular person dwell up to the come you imagined them to be? And he’s moreover a minute little bit of bit stupefied, nevertheless he’s assured. He moreover likes to read. But then he moreover is sporty, and he has an brisk. social existence. He is all this stuff. So I deem that they actually shapely connect with every other on a fairly a few level. It is a fairly a few frequency than she has with Peter, which is shapely fancy true existence, shapely? The assign you’d like fairly a few of us that you simply connect with in fairly a few techniques that give you fairly a few issues. And I actually deem with Jordan and Lana that connection used to be apparent immediately.


MTV News: I take care of their chemistry. They’re both lovable and stupefied. 

Han: Yeah, it be shapely two lovable puppies.

MTV News: Basically the most foremost to a shapely take care of triangle is you wish of us to root for them. You wish of us to ship Lara Jean and John Ambrose. 

Han: Absolutely. I like to atomize your heart. I want you to be so torn as I’m after I’m writing that take care of triangle. I’m always so torn.

MTV News: So that you simply went forwards and backwards as you had been writing? 

Han: Consistently. And the thing is, all of the cause I wrote P.S. I Aloof Like You is on story of the letter to Johnny Ambrose McLaren. It used to be the critical letter that I wrote of all of the letters. To me, that used to be a terribly crucial particular person that I wished to provide its due. And so then I known as my editor and I said, „I deem I like to attain yet one more one because I construct no longer must shapely jam him into this one. I deem that it be a terribly crucial relationship.“ So I actually wished the critical middle of attention to be on him within the 2nd e book. I used to be shapely starting to write To All of the Boys, the critical one, and I used to be already making an allowance for of those two tales. It’s fancy two halves of a heart.

MTV News: Accept as true with been you torn whereas writing it? 

Han: That is staunch. I’ve written a few take care of triangles, and there is always a level the assign I’m actually torn and waffling too because I actually must fall in take care of with him shapely as unparalleled as I’m writing it.

MTV News: I know you famously attain no longer write with a high level concept, so are you actually shapely sorting through your emotions as you scurry? 

Han: There like been times after I’ve known as up my wonderful wonderful friend, who’s moreover a writer, and I said, „Form I, attain I… I construct no longer know. I construct no longer know.“ I’m initiating to actually waver and he or she’s fancy, “ what it is advisable always attain. It’s possible you’ll per chance well also like gotten had this for your thoughts.“ Because even supposing I construct no longer outline, I in most cases like an belief of what the ending looks fancy. She’s fancy, „Defend centered.“ But I attain deem in convey to actually write it in a come that other of us actually feel shapely as torn, I actually must acquire to that location as smartly. I always deem of it as scheme writing the assign I’m fancy, „Let me shapely actually feel the emotions.“

MTV News: But you largely knew that this used to be going to stay with Lara Jean and Peter? 

Han: I composed deem that the account is steadily ever ever over in a come. Form you know what I mean? Of us come inside and exterior of your existence, and so unparalleled of it’s a long way proximity and timing, that I may well well per chance now not inform… I allege you may well well per chance also inform I’m never an endgame roughly particular person. Because I deem your thoughts can actually be changed, and I deem time can change you, and conditions change too. So, who is aware of?

MTV News: For fairly a few youngsters, Lara Jean and Peter at the moment are a reference level. What used to be a formative fictional couple for you? 

Han: It’s possible you’ll per chance well also like gotten received your classics. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. That is never any doubt OTP [one true pairing] evidently. I attain acquire to glimpse fairly a few variations of that — Bridget Jones’s Diary is one among my popular romantic comedies. And what I take care of roughly that take care of triangle is you attain actually waiver between those two guys.

MTV News: The first film used to be about Lara Jean and Peter falling in take care of, nonetheless it used to be moreover a movie about family and sisterhood. And on this sequel, what I actually cherished is that you simply’d like this actually noteworthy account line for Gen and Lara Jean. Gen is a personality who gets unparalleled extra to attain on this film. What used to be the importance of that for you?

Han: I take care of that. I actually take care of that account line. It used to be actually crucial to me to protect that. Oftentimes, whenever you happen to may well well also very smartly be taking a seek at your existence, you may well well per chance also very smartly be seeing it from shapely your agree with level of view. You is also the villain or the hero of the account searching on level of view. Lara Jean is the hero of her account, shapely? But then that would now not mean that she’s a hero in somebody else’s account. And Genevieve may well well per chance be the villain in hers, nevertheless she’s moreover her agree with hero. So how does she actually feel about what went down? I seek at that relationship between her and Peter as a range of roughly foundational first take care of kind of issues. Because they had been every other’s first loves for therefore decades. And both of them like come from families which will most likely be going through issues and in pronounce that they connect with every other on that level. He is commonly been the particular person that she calls what she wants something, and he comes running because she does the identical for him. So taking a seek at that relationship after which taking a seek at Lara Jean and John Ambrose McLaren, they connect on a fairly a few level. I used to be entirely chuffed that the account may well well also continue and likewise you may well well per chance also glimpse issues from her level of behold. Because I never acquire to actually feel the leisure so dark and white in phrases of who’s a shapely guy and who’s a defective guy.


MTV News: I actually cherished the scene between Lara Jean and Gen within the treehouse. 

Han: It makes me cry every time. I inch up. To me, so unparalleled of that e book is ready reminiscence and childhood and announcing goodbye to childhood. And the treehouse represents all of that. And honoring those used friendships that per chance they construct no longer match for your existence within the identical come anymore, nevertheless that would now not mean that they weren’t crucial to you at that time.

MTV News: This film made time for Lara Jean’s friendships, both previous and conceal. And that felt actually crucial. It’s no longer shapely a account about her realizing which boy she wants thus a long way. 

Han: It’s about her shapely realizing what she wants and roughly rising into herself a minute bit extra and letting her world shapely acquire a minute little bit of bit bigger with every step. Having Stormy after which Trina, who comes into the account, her world shapely keeps getting bigger. And he or she, in quite a lot of techniques earlier than this level, has had agree with of a smaller existence and he or she preferred it that come. And he or she composed is who she is. She’s composed an introvert. She composed likes to be at dwelling along with her family. But opening herself up to all these fairly a few opportunities makes her world shapely a minute little bit of bit bigger.

MTV News: She’s so endearing. It’s no longer a personality we glimpse fairly a few on our displays. 

Han: She’s shapely actually delivery-hearted. And I deem she’s a warm-hearted particular person. And on story of that, the movie, I’m hoping, feels warm-hearted. And I moreover actually actually feel fancy the fans are actually warm-hearted. It goes from high to bottom. The of us that take care of this account are shapely shapely-hearted of us.

MTV News: But construct no longer you deem it starts with then you no doubt? Would you name yourself warm-hearted? An optimist and hopeless romantic? 

Han: I’m a romantic. I’m optimistic. I’m a somewhat contented particular person. I deem fairly a few me is on this account. I felt actually lucky that since the starting after I first wrote these books, readers would come to my events and be dressed up fancy Lara Jean and would bring me baked items. That hasn’t changed. I’m entirely chuffed the books like inspired that roughly warmth.

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