By Amanda Yeo

YouTuber Uncle Roger went viral final month after reacting to BBC presenter Hersha Patel’s deeply upsetting rendition of egg fried rice — a dish so anxious it made him set apart leg down from chair. Now he’s encourage all all over again, this time offering commentary on Jamie Oliver’s model on the dish. Sadly, it appears Oliver is additionally an imply for draining rice.

„This video, so many sad ingredient occurring,“ despairs Uncle Roger, speaking on behalf of Asians in every single place. „I make no longer know if Uncle Roger can lumber on. This depression is too a lot.“

You will think that, alive to about Oliver is an worldwide-eminent superstar chef, things might perhaps perhaps even bask in long previous somewhat better than they did with Patel. They did now not. The 10-minute video is a fiasco from originate to entire, from Oliver’s determination of pan, to oil, to his deeply cursed inclusion of a blob of chilli jam. It is very wild.

„Is that this the formulation you trick white other folks to sharp chilli?“ asks an increasingly distressed Uncle Roger, played by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng. „What are you going to position in there next — peanut butter?“

That is rarely any longer in actual fact even pointing out the inexplicable amount of water Oliver adds to the pan halfway by scheme of cooking, which is one thing I bask in now not viewed happen earlier than and hope to never look all all over again. I am no chef, nonetheless if I did that my other folks, prolonged family, and all of their friends would mock me till the quit of time. I would deserve it, too.

„Uncle Roger thunder in case your rice too moist you fucked up,“ says Uncle Roger. „However in case your rice too dry, you additionally fucked up.“

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