Valorant’s launch day is here and Riot has released the game’s first ever cinematic trailer to tag the event.

The trailer, called Duelists, presentations off a few of the persona of Valorant’s varied Agents and supplies avid gamers a be taught about at their personalities past the in-game interactions. It sounds as if, Phoenix is on a mission to quit Jett from planting some create of instrument — although it isn’t in actuality certain what it is or what it does. All that matters is that Jett and Phoenix absorb to hasten toe to toe.

Every characters get to deliver their very possess praises loads of their abilities, including Phoenix the usage of all of his various fireplace powers to quit Jett from escaping. Jett makes use of her dashes and jumps to get away, and even makes use of her Final to throw just a few knives Phoenix’s plan and leisurely him down. The trailer ends with a climactic face-off between the 2, we’ll retain from spoiling.

Jett dashes past Phoenix in Valorant’s first trailer

Image: Riot Games

Valorant isn’t the predominant game Riot has made fascinating shorts for. The corporate also releases occasional videos for League of Legends that are in overall high quality and rarely a few of the neighborhood’s popular screech from any given yr. This new Valorant rapid is section of the memoir of Episode 1: Ignition memoir line, however it with out a doubt’s unclear when the next cinematic will seemingly be released.

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