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Coming to PC and consoles from Brighton UK-based mostly entirely mostly indie devs Bytten Studio, Cassette Beasts is an ‘80s-flavored RPG in which avid gamers transform and fuse collectively creatures the exercise of the superior energy of cassette tape expertise.

Creators Jay Baylis and Tom Coxon, who gather previously labored on games tackle Stardew Valley, Wargroove, and Starbound, took inspiration from Pokémon fusion fan art in growing the creatures of Cassette Beasts. On the some distance off island of New Wirral, the participant-created character and their NPC chums exercise their portal cassette avid gamers to find and transform into 120 relatively about a monsters. Any two monsters can mix into a fused form, increasing their energy and cuteness exponentially.

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Screenshot: Bytten Studio

The studio has design up a nifty fusion generator at the sport’s reliable online page where other folks can make a choice from a series of creatures to scrutinize what they change into when fused collectively. The trailer beneath reveals off the sport’s retro fair, which already has me completely smitten.

It’s smooth early days for Cassette Beasts. There’s no free up date. Bytten Studio announced the sport nowadays in dispute to initiating building a neighborhood while searching for out funding and growth companions. Between its ‘80s New Wave pop trend and the intelligent thought, it’s actually bought my at

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