Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console is named Xbox Series X, the firm equipped at some level of an onstage unveiling at this year’s Game Awards Thursday. It’s slated for a vacation 2020 commence, unsurprisingly corresponding with competitor Sony’s commence date for its Playstation5.

The console—beforehand known by its codename, Mission Scarlett—appears to be like to be more admire a PC tower than one thing you’d accept in a entrance room entertainment scheme. Given its name contains three “X”s, I don’t look why Microsoft didn’t plaster “XXX” at some level of the entrance, but, no, the firm opted to engage care of things sleek and shadowy and very, very blocky-taking a inquire. Apropos of its tacky slogan, “Energy Your Dreams,” the Xbox Series X’s unique trailer is determined to a again down of creator Alan Watts’ “The Dream of Lifestyles” speech.

Through the presentation, Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed the Xbox Series X works in both a vertical or horizontal orientation—so no want to fetch a unique TV stand right but—and he promised this would possibly perhaps occasionally “lift four times the processing energy of Xbox One X in potentially the most composed and atmosphere friendly manner.” An official Microsoft announcement went into a cramped more detail about the console’s hardware. The Xbox Series X will beef up 60FPS, 4K, and 8K visuals “with a possibility of as much as 120FPS.” It additionally boasts a “next-generation SSD” that Microsoft claims “will virtually accept rid of load times.”

Spencer held off on confirming any assorted specs or a value level for the Xbox Series X onstage, even though he did hint in a recent GameSpot interview that this unique console has “over eight times the GPU energy of the Xbox One, and two times what an Xbox One X is.” This echoes previous reviews that Mission Scarlett objectives to lift 12 teraflops of computing energy. Per these reviews, Xbox Series X will feature an eight-core CPU with clockspeeds of around 3.5GHz and 13GB of RAM reserved for video games. This would possibly perhaps also also beef up ray tracing and be backward admire minded with recent Xbox One video games and Microsoft’s library of older backward admire minded Xbox video games.

The phrase “series” in its name additionally appears to be like to be to counsel there acquired’t be right one, adding credence to previous rumors about Microsoft releasing two variations of its next-gen console. While these rumors remain unconfirmed, in that very same GameSpot interview Spencer explained the name modified into intentionally chosen in segment to enable for potential future fashions.

“Obviously within the Series X, it supplies us freedom to total assorted things with that name in affirm that we are able to develop descriptors when we wish to,” he suggested GameSpot.

So Microsoft’s free to kind out your entire non-X letters within the alphabet with beefier or trimmed-down iterations of its unique console. Or, as an quite plenty of, right protect adding to the name to win it longer and longer till we accept some abomination admire Xbox Series X Model X One X Two X Crimson X Bl

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