• Ariana Grande final twelve months reached out to Paige Niemann, her popular TikTok lookalike, after tweeting that certainly one of her movies was „strange.“
  • Niemann has branded herself as a Grande lookalike, and besides to to her have viral TikTok movies, has regarded in popular YouTube movies with creators attempting to deceive their friends.
  • In spite of her better than 4.2 million followers, Niemann’s TikTok feedback are rotund of offended posters that beget additionally regarded on other social media accounts. 
  • Jaelee Greeson, a 17-twelve months-aged from Texas who occurs to resemble Lana Del Rey, educated Insider negative feedback are identical outdated as followers disagree about whether or now not she appears to be like to be to be like cherish her supposed doppelgänger.  
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Billie Eilish, the 18-twelve months-aged „Notorious Guy“ singer, has had it along with her impersonators. First, in tiring December, the 5-time Grammy Award winner called attention to a particular person in Russia who was dressing up as her.

„Here’s now not me y’all lmaooo,“ she mentioned.

About a month later, at the cease of January, Eilish supplied a extra enlighten message to individuals that publicly dressed up as her following a YouTube creator’s resolution to beget somebody fabricate a stunt whereas dressed as Eilish.

„Please discontinuance doing this s—,“ she mentioned on Instagram. 

„It’s now not safe for you and it’s imply to the oldsters that manufacture now not know any better you place me peek unsuitable,“ Eilish added.

For patrons of viral recordsdata, the sage might presumably perhaps beget flown by as some other forgettable giant name headline, however the incident is correct one example of a increasing neighborhood of web giant name lookalikes. 

On-line giant name impersonators beget woven themselves into the influencer neighborhood.

Most TikTok customers beget potentially stumble upon Paige Niemann, even though her name does now not ring a bell. The 15-twelve months-aged has gathered some 4.2 million followers on the platform. Even Ariana Grande has viewed one of the major TikTok giant name’s movies.

TikTok is stuffed with younger of us and tweens who beget learned success in a formulation that contains performing a handful of dances and mouthing the words to the popular sounds within the app’s mountainous library.

But Niemann has learned some other technique to switch viral. Her thousands and thousands of followers know her most efficient due to who she appears to be like to be to be like cherish: „Hazardous Woman“ singer Ariana Grande. Even in movies where she’s now not imitating Grande precisely, she’s most regularly styled to peek an awful lot cherish her.

Grande, who has an story on TikTok but has handiest posted once, support when it was aloof called Musical.ly, has even reached out to Niemann over her movies that continually involve the 15-twelve months-aged donning Grande’s signature ponytail and winged eyeliner. 

She’s recreated Grande’s „thank u, subsequent“ album screen, mimicked other Grande album covers, and dressed up as Grande’s iconic „Victorious“ and „Sam & Cat“ character, Cat Valentine

„I started doing it for enjoyable and now it’s something that I attain continually, nearly each day,“ Niemann, an avid Grande fan, educated Leisure Tonight final twelve months, noting that it takes her over an hour to rep her hair and make-up in a Grande-cherish model.“ 

She mentioned Grande reached out via a Insist Message final twelve months and had nothing but like for her lookalike.

„She mentioned, ‚I’m flattered.‘ She wanted to let me know that I am fair in my have design and I mentioned, ‚Thank you and thank you for being so form to me.‘ And she mentioned, ‚I’m tickled with you.'“

„She reached out to me,“ Niemann mentioned, consistent with Leisure Tonight. „I was insecure. She’s my idol so I was shaking a piece of bit…She mentioned, ‚Let me know once you might presumably well very effectively be ever going to my Sweetener Tour, we can desire a hug.'“

Grande has additionally publicly acknowledged Niemann’s movies outdoor her DMs. When keen on the „sweetener“ songstress shared certainly one of Niemann’s TikTok movies on Twitter, writing „I correct know Ariana is skittish,“ Grande, who’s higher than ten years older than Niemann, chimed in.

„I correct shock whyyyy the cat relate / dialogue,“ she mentioned. „i’m sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s definitley[sic] strange seeing of us blend the 2 worlds lmao.“

—Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 24, 2019

The 26-twelve months-aged pale „Victorious“ giant name has previously talked about how she has labored to distance herself from the persona she created as „Cat Valentine,“ the character she portrayed on the hit Nickelodeon shows.  

Within the video, Niemann regarded extra cherish inform-day Grande, wearing her signature high pony, though she pale audio from „Victorious,“ which might presumably well be the motive Grande mentioned she opinion the video was „strange.“  

But Grande’s feedback about that particular particular person video has handiest regarded to further push her legion of followers, most regularly called „Arianators,“ to enlighten offended feedback toward the teenager.  

A recent TikTok video that shows Niemann dressed up and mouthing along as Grande’s vocals play has received better than 1.6 million views in decrease than every week. Or now not it’s racked up better than 300,000 likes too, though there are tons of much less-than-form feedback. 

„We rep it, you ought to be ariana,“ one particular person wrote. 

„I manufacture now not know, I’m starting up to in actuality feel cherish right here is higher than correct a fan ‚cosplaying Ariana,“ some other mentioned.

„Or now not it’s stunning that it’s miles a cosplay or whatever but once the actual person you might presumably well very effectively be ‚cosplaying‘ PUBLICLY says they’re uncomfortable[sic], please discontinuance. Appreciate her,“ some other fan wrote, likely referencing Grande’s November comment. 

Most feedback on Niemann’s movies echo equal sentiments, though she does beget followers who protect her, and extra sympathetic „Arianators“ who weigh in. 

„Y’all she’s 15 an there might be so many forms who cosplay cherish she does,“ one mentioned. „Y’all via exaggerating she’s now not hurting somebody.“ 

However the negative feedback directed toward Niemann beget extended beyond TikTok, showing a dejected aspect that, whereas prevalent amongst many influencing communities, appears to be like to be prolific amongst influencers whose designate revolves round their likeness to celebrities.  

„Paige Niemann … wherever u are … STOP,“ one particular person tweeted February 2. „Simply PLEASE STOP. be your have particular person PLEASE.“ 

But Ariana’s lookalike, who has gathered some 37.3 million likes on TikTok and did now not reply to Insider’s requests for an interview, hasn’t shown signs of forestalling despite the criticism. 

Niemann has taken her Grande impact across the on-line

In a video posted by Marcus and Lucas Dobre, Niemann plays along as Lucas „pranks“ his female friend, Ivanita Lomeli. Approach the 11-minute mark, titled, „Shapely My Female friend With ARIANA GRANDE!,“ the Dobre brothers appear to prank Lomeli, though it additionally feels as if they’re looking to pull one over on their viewers, too.

The brothers tag that they’ll be „stunning“ Lomeli with Grande, spending the starting up place of the video plotting how to switch about orchestrating the shock earlier than „Grande“ arrives. Sooner or later, they lead Lomeli down a flight of stairs to a girl, who at this point, viewers are led to imagine is Grande. 

The girl, pointless to negate, is now not 26-twelve months-aged Grande, but is 15-twelve months-aged Niemann.   

Extra than eight minutes into the video, the immense point to occurs. The brothers tag to the digicam that the girl is now not in actuality Grande. Lomeli, who aloof is supposedly blind to her boyfriend’s prank, sits all via the backseat of a crimson SUV with Niemann. 

About a minute later, the brothers starting up the auto door, Lomeli and Niemann exit, and the jig is by some means up.

„So right here’s a prank, I’m in actuality Paige,“ Niemann mentioned. 

„You might well presumably well very effectively be now not in actuality Ariana Grande?“ Lomeli flatly spoke back, seeming unphased by the recordsdata (particularly in contrast to her response when she opinion she met Grande earlier within the video).

„No, I’m sorry,“ Niemann admits. 

„But you peek precisely cherish her,“ Lomeli says, which, pointless to negate, she does. 

„You already know what,“ Lomeli provides a few seconds later.  „I’m now not upset or the relaxation. I’m in actuality in actuality gratified now, ‚assign off it’s miles the true you now. Now I even beget a buddy. I’ve by no methodology had a buddy.“ 

The Dobre brothers did now not reply to an Insider inquire of of to chat regarding the video. 

The TikTok-accepted Grande lookalike has made several appearances in equal movies posted to YouTube by other creators who additionally claim they’ve attempted to trick friends into pondering they’ve met Grande. 

YouTube creator Brent Rivera, 22, pranked his buddy with Niemann’s help, though unlike the video from the Dobre brothers, it’s sure to viewers from the onset that the 15-twelve months-aged is now not in actuality Grande. FaZe Rug, 23, posted a equal video that depicted him „tricking“ his friends with Niemann’s abet, though he, too, lets viewers in on the ploy early on — about 40 seconds into the video. 

The movies appear to be a success amongst the respective creators‘ followers. The Dobre brothers‘ video has better than 3.2 million views, FaZe Rug’s video has better than 4 million, and Rivera (who posted his about a month earlier than the others) has racked up nearly 10 million views on YouTube. 

Comments on the movies vary from disbelief that somebody might presumably well in actuality assume Niemann was Grande to outright infuriate toward the 15-twelve months-aged.

„She’s looking to chat and sound cherish Ariana Grande too lol I knew it wasn’t her real when I saw her,“ one wrote on Rug’s video. 

„This in actuality makes me so uncomfortable it’s loopy,“ one wrote below Rivera’s. 

„She has to rep her have character, ariana does now not think right here is fair, or funny,“ some other wrote below Marcus and Lucas Dobre’s video. 

Others were extra supportive, noting that Niemann was 15, and marveling at how unparalleled she resembled the pale „Cry Queens“ actress.  

Or now not it’s now not correct Niemann, other lookalikes face the wrath of devoted followers

Jaelee Greeson knows all too effectively how merciless the on-line can even be once you peek cherish a giant name. Greeson, who bares a inserting resemblance to indie-pop songstress Lana Del Rey, mentioned she’s received backlash for her movies about her resemblance to the „Video Video games“ singer. 

„I manufacture now not ever try to negate flat out ‚I peek cherish Lana Del Rey,‘ or ‚I am Lana Del Rey’s twin, due to there has been reasonably tons of backlash about it, and I try to now not place any Lana stans upset by that, even though they rep upset anyhow,“ Greeson educated Insider. 

The 17-twelve months-aged from Texas mentioned of us in public beget most regularly educated her she resembles the 34-twelve months-aged singer, who does now not beget a TikTok story (though her song is popular amongst its customers), and when she saw some other giant name lookalike video on TikTok (now not Niemann’s, who she mentioned she was queer with), she made up our minds to present it a hasten. 

She’d been posting other protest to TikTok unrelated to the uncanny resemblance, but none of it ever did that effectively on the social-networking app, she mentioned. TikTok depends heavily on its „For You“ page, an aggregated feed created by an algorithm that delivers protest tailor-made to its customers.

„I did now not rep any attention to my page till I assign my Lana movies up,“ Greeson, who mentioned her first since-deleted Lana video wasn’t all that popular, but a second video where she recreated a record of the singer ingesting inexperienced tea went viral, added. „And now, these are the handiest movies that I assign up that rep attention.“ 

In spite of mostly-sure feedback, and insecure reactions from current viewers stumbling on her movies from the app’s FYP, Greeson mentioned she receives negative feedback on TikTok day-to-day, though she says they manufacture now not distress her for primarily the most phase. 

„What did upset me, though, is some of us took it to Twitter — cherish it went thus some distance as Lana’s followers were posting on Twitter about me being immodest, announcing that I believe I’m a immense sizzling shot, pondering I peek cherish Lana when I in actuality manufacture now not — the utilization of my personal traits to attack me,“ Greenson mentioned.

—❀ alexandra ❀ (@electras_froot) January 9, 2020

In a video of Greeson downloaded from TikTok and posted to Twitter, followers of Del Rey debated whether or now not she in actuality regarded cherish the 34-twelve months-aged.

„Someone lied to her,“ one particular person wrote, speculating that Greeson deliberately does her make-up to peek extra cherish Del Rey.

„I manufacture now not in actuality explore any resemblance other than the hair and perhaps the eyes,“ some other wrote.

Others mentioned they might well presumably well explore it. 

„I imply she kinda reminds me of her within the first peek,“ one wrote.

„I was correct born the design I am, and that sounds kinda foolish,“ Greeson, who admitted she is now not always a huge fan of Del Rey, mentioned. „But I did now not in actuality attain into this world being cherish ‚I wanna peek cherish Lana Del Rey.'“

Soundless, Greeson, who most regularly posts TikTok movies unrelated to her famous resemblance, says she does now not try to peek cherish Del Rey outdoor of her TikTok movies and mentioned she by no methodology wants to deprave a line.

„I believe that folks eradicate it thus some distance, as to battle via a giant name’s routine — having a peek cherish them. I attain think It ought to switch too some distance, positively,“ Greeson mentioned. 

„Or now not it’s correct for TikTok, Or now not it’s correct for enjoyable,“ she added. „Or now not it’s correct a pastime, and to now not eradicate it too seriously.“

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