We see u, Dolores.
We peruse u, Dolores.

Image: HBO

By Rachel Kraus

No followers fancy a dart of breadcrumbs better than Westworld followers. And within the flee-up to the current’s Season 3 premiere, HBO is taking fleshy fair correct thing about the fandom’s dogged treasure hunter mentality.

One fan has unearthed three novel trailers for „Westworld III,“ which premieres on March 15. A Reddit user within the r/Westworld neighborhood (via io9/Gizmodo) stumbled on them by scouring the loyal web utter of a (with any luck fictional) Westworld universe tech company, Incite. The Incite web utter and promotional video surfaced in November with the creepy worth proposition „tell goodbye to the chaos of this day and hiya to the promise of the next day to come.“

HBO dropped the respectable trailer on Thursday, which depicts Dolores trying to initiate a robot revolution within the exact world, and Maeve deputized to remain her — with a samurai sword. 

The novel trailers use valuable of the equivalent photos, nonetheless with assorted packaging, and extra Maeve, Dolores, and novel personality Caleb (played by Aaron! Paul!) dialogue. 

Reddit user u/MTC_Chickpea stumbled on them within the „Privacy Act“ fraction of the Incite web utter. Within the occasion you click on this tab, a video begins fiddling with some unsuitable backend code, after which it goes into the respectable Westworld trailer. Then again! After several performs, MTC_Chickpea writes that the video surfaced novel suggested videos. Thru some VPN manipulation, they like been able to finding extra.

Right here’s the distinctive trailer for some baseline comparison:

Right here’s the major trailer that’s closest to the distinctive. As an different of the repeatedly perfectly eerie Ramin Djawadi’s orchestral version of „Candy Child O‘ Mine“ that performs within the respectable trailer, we pick up a cryptic novel Maeve/Dolores/Caleb voiceover. That begins playing around 1: 30.

The following secret trailer capabilities the novel negate in cliche platitudes. Westworld, delight in its ‚bots, will most likely be a self-aware present. This appears to be like too heavy-handed to be fully crucial.

And this next trailer is fair correct… the ideal. We will allow you to probe for yourself.

Westworld: now with 35 percent extra romance!

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