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Who’s Your Film megastar Crush?


Who’s Your Film megastar Crush?

Who’s your current celebrity crush*? I have a big new one… Johnny Flynn, who plays Mr. Knightley in the new movie Emma. Have you seen it? It’s a delightful confection — full of pastel dresses, flowery hats and, of course, matchmaking. One thing I love about Jane Austen’s novels — and the movies inspired by them — is…

Who’s Your Film megastar Crush?

Johnny Flynn's eyes

Who’s your novel megastar crush*? I in reality possess a mountainous new one…

Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn, who plays Mr. Knightley in the brand new movie Emma. Get hold of you ever seen it? It’s a delectable confection — stuffed with pastel apparel, flowery hats and, useless to claim, matchmaking.

Johnny Flynn

One thing I treasure about Jane Austen’s novels — and the motion pictures inspired by them — is the rapt consideration to little social cues. Lingering ogle contact, furtive glances, bare hand conserving whereas dancing! All this stuff add up to such coronary heart-pounding chemistry, you almost can’t stand it. We had been in reality fanning ourselves on the movie theater.

Johnny Flynn

The 2 actors’ smoldering connection turned into as soon as almost quick. “I did this invent of chemistry learn thing with Anya, and that felt in reality special,” Johnny tells Wonderland Magazine. “We did certainly one of the arguments, and there turned into as soon as this strength that you simply veritably feel if you first meet and browse with someone.”

A number of extra pictures, if you’d treasure to behold…

Johnny Flynn

In full length dress.

Johnny Flynn

And on the motivate of the scenes on insist.

Yet any other movie tidbit: Jane Austen famously stated about Emma, “I will safe a heroine whom no person but myself will unprecedented treasure.” And the actress Anya Taylor-Joy interprets her as a little bit uncommon, snobby, uptight, etc — unprecedented extra so than Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1996 version. “The most neatly-liked Emma is the meanest Emma, which makes her the suitable Emma,” says Petrana Radulovic in Polgon.

Says Anya herself: “There are little paragraphs [in the novel] that are treasure, ‘With her hair outdated and the maid sent away, Emma sat the general contrivance down to be discouraged. I factual loved that. This girl is living in her possess movie, and every part is dramatic and dazzling.”

So, show me: Who is your megastar crush on the 2nd? Listed below are my past ones

* I hope you’re placing in there and staying neatly with your total intense knowledge and coronavirus updates. It’s plenty. I believed a lighthearted chat about megastar crushes will most likely be welcome factual about now. xo

P.S. Random flip ons and nine couples with the suitable on-mask chemistry.

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