As the asserting goes, money does no longer snatch taste—nor does it snatch a decorator with taste, and by no plot has that been so sure as on this week’s film valuable person true property news. Sure, we are talking about the Dr. Phil condominium.

A Beverly Hills home owned by Dr. Phil McGraw hit the market earlier this week, as reported by the Los Angeles Cases. Presumably as a result of the solutions of McGraw’s son Jordan, who’s been living within the home, it’s a lot to soak up, having been described on Twitter as: „if the Temple of Doom had a foyer bar,“ „esteem NRA lobbyists dropped a bunch of acid and then designed a Cheesecake Manufacturing facility,“ and „esteem Tim Burton designed a Las Vegas penthouse on bathtub salts.“ (All of those are appropriate.)

Alas, that’s no longer all of it, as the prosperous in overall stay to whisper their grasp praises their plot to us usual other folks. Also this week, YouTube mainstay and magnificence Jeffree Valuable person dropped „Novel DREAM Dwelling Tour,“ a 36-minute-long flex that for the time being holds the dispute of YouTube’s highest trending video, with 13 million views as of this writing. Long gone are the times of Valuable person’s extensive, crimson, fingerprint- and retina scan-protected, size-of-my-dwelling purse vault—he is moved on to bigger and, effectively, bigger things.

Shall we let these shows of wealth get us down. Having bigger than one closet? Can no longer boom! Or in location of lamenting our broke asses, shall we maintain fun that folk with so worthy money moreover maintain… Such. Noxious. Taste. Now would possibly well possibly well be the time to protect in thoughts, to illustrate, that Neiman Marcus sells a $7,100 sizzling dogs sofa. So with the vitality vested in us by virtue of getting watched HGTV bigger than once: Whose mansion is extra hellish, Dr. Phil’s or Jeffree Valuable person’s?

The Fundamentals: Dr. Phil’s Dwelling


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  • 5 bedrooms, 6 toilets
  • Outside kitchen
  • Pool, spa, and cabana
  • A „dramatically revamped“ internal with „eclectic finishes that is also saved or transformed into your grasp imaginative and prescient,“ per the itemizing.

That Doesn’t Seem Too Noxious, You Would possibly Grunt

That, pricey reader, is where you would also very effectively be defective. „Eclectic“ can indicate „kitschy from procuring at the thrift store,“ or it will „banister fabricated from snakes.“ What seems to be from the outdoor to be a usual California mansion gives come to what feels esteem the amphetamine-prompted procuring spree of someone who at one level had the galaxy mind conception to merge Scarface, the relaxed tree in Avatar, varoius lovely ingredients of Anaconda, and a clothier who factual would possibly well possibly well no longer recount no.


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The tackiness continues on, and on this velvet and animal print haze, esteem a dwelling of deranged „I Peep“ photos, squint and you’re going to also procure: an absurd possibility of endure-formed toys along with one inexplicably dangling from a principal pair of lips and one other apparently dressed as the Joker; a dining room wall coated with rifles; a print of the observe „FUCK“ with a pom-pom under it; and a TV taking part in The Godfather, because for sure.


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Ok, transferring on!

The Fundamentals: Jeffree Valuable person’s Dwelling


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In conserving with the video and as damaged down by PopBuzz, Valuable person’s Hidden Hills mansion involves the next, that will likely be seen as experts or cons relying on how you would also very effectively be feeling about the phrase „just like the prosperous“:

  • Now not one but two (2) customer properties
  • 16-automobile storage
  • 13 toilets
  • A kitchen bigger than some mercurial meals joints
  • A wine cellar
  • A three-legend glass elevator
  • A film theater
  • A room for Valuable person’s series of pinball machines
  • A two-legend health membership with a locker room and urinal
  • A 5,400 sq.-foot barn
  • A spacious outdoor pool that Valuable person will quickly flip crimson

What’s Noxious About It?

For all that money (over $14,600,000, per Zillow), Valuable person’s condominium seems to be a soulless Vegas casino from the Ocean’s Eleven sequence. The vibe is decidedly 90s, but no longer in a wintry, stylish come—it seems to be esteem a suburban prom venue. It moreover seems to be esteem a Cheesecake Manufacturing facility, but with out any acid or bathtub salts to spice it up barely bit. Yawn!


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Screenshot by YouTube


Screenshot by YouTube

The Verdict

They’re both execrable! And but, if we had $5,750,000 burning a gap in our financial institution accounts, we would be readying the U-Haul to circulate into the McGraw mansion—but handiest if it came furnished as-is. When the sphere ends and swallows Beverly Hills for all it has wrought, all we are able to in fact hope for is a snake-coated banister to maintain onto for pricey existence. In 2020, it’s time to just bag our one appropriate god: chaos.

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