William Jackson Harper as Chidi.
Image: NBC

Anybody of The Accurate Space’s throwaway gags would be a pride to seek for played out in its entirety. From Chidi of direction forcing himself to narrate the Witness’s chili to seeing Tahani slay in actual fact one of many celeb relationships, they’re all animated. But I doubt any of them would be pretty as relaxing to look as William Jackson Harper’s Kierkegaard Rap.

Appearing in immediate in a Season 2 episode of The Accurate Space, philosophy professor Chidi Anagonye’s promise/threat of a Hamilton parody about 19th-century German existentialist Soren Kierkegaard became by no plan fully realized. No extra lets wait in suspense. In a video unbiased unbiased as of late posted on The Accurate Space’s YouTube online page, commemorating, minute doubt, that pretty finale, William Jackson Harper performs a burly version of that rap, and it’s, properly, it’s one thing.

Whereas the tune itself is delightful, and academic, too, the finest section must be Manny Jacinto playing Harper’s hype man. We can also all narrate that roughly toughen in our lives.

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