Within the Greenland Trailer, Grasp of Catastrophe Gerard Butler Faces Down a Planet-Killing Comet

Well, at least we’re not on “comet watch.”

Smartly, at the least we’re not on “comet gaze.”
Image: YouTube

Trailer FrenzyA abnormal role to obtain the most fresh trailers for movies and TV exhibits probabilities are you’ll perchance well maybe very well be craving.

Gerard Butler’s occupation has been taking us on a delightfully baffling dawdle for years, and his subsequent colossal CG-stravaganza, Greenland, fair dropped a brand contemporary trailer that does not disappoint. His foe this roam-round is a crumbling comet that’s making fiery Swiss cheese out of the Earth. And we perform imply cheese.

The subtitles add a further something, don’t they? As you absolute self perception seen, that’s Deadpool’s Morena Baccarin, confidently selecting up a tight paycheck to play Butler’s wife, and a brief behold at Scott Glenn as his father—even though it looks take care of “Clarke, the interstellar comet” goes to be the proper scene-stealer right here. Ric Roman Waugh, who made the 2019 Butler motion vehicle Angel Has Fallen, directs.

Greenland modified into first and important due June 12, nonetheless take care of any film liberate dates currently that can well switch.

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