By Kellen Beck

After Wrestle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft is heading in a contemporary course with the expansion Shadowlands.

WoW avid gamers may per chance moreover buy the game’s third expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, which saw the plunge of the Lich King Arthas in Northrend. Arthas changed into as soon as replaced by but every other particular person, Bolvar Fordragon, nonetheless now Sylvanas has come to lumber the crown from his head and, in doing so, looks to dangle ripped a gap indubitably. This may per chance moreover’t be impartial loyal for Azeroth.

We may per chance well be coming into the Shadowlands — the land of the pointless. Blizzard published a handful of contemporary issues avid gamers can request within the expansion, including contemporary zones, contemporary enemies, and contemporary dungeons and raids.

Blizzard didn’t give us a inaugurate date, nonetheless with Wrestle for Azeroth coming to a detailed, it may per chance well per chance’t be far off.

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