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Screenshot: Mode 7

A brand new indie game looks to exercise action movie brawls and gamify the hell out of them. The final consequence looks adore pretty about a broken bones.

From the indie studios Mode 7 (makers of Frozen Synapse) and Ground Rupture, Fights in Tight Spaces is a combating game the do your total strikes are performed by playing definite cards. Wrestle takes space in confined spaces laid out on a grid paying homage to tactical games adore XCOM.

Gif: Mode 7

While the silhouetted art model and carnage are paying homage to Superhot, the formula every room appears to be like to be laid out adore a puzzle jogs my memory of Into the Breach as properly.

Right here’s the paunchy trailer:

Deck-building games are the total rage moral now, and most of them, adore Assassinate the Spire and SteamWorld Quest, delight in all prone card mechanics to screech queer spins on their respective genres. With any luck Fights in Tight Spaces does too.

It’s due out later this yr on PC.

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