At D23, Disney unveiled a special web out about for Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker. The trailer facets looks at the unusual Star Wars trilogy, the prequels, and the sequels. Nonetheless presumably most particularly, it gave us a undercover agent at Rey retaining a brand fresh, purple lightsaber as a change of her feeble blue one. Successfully, on account of EFX Collectibles — disbursed by Legend Collectibles — you may well presumably be ready to steal a duplicate of Rey’s Darkish Facet saber, and it’ll finest suppose you support $1,599.99. Easiest.

In the trailer, Rey’s purple saber isn’t the one blade lightsaber most in vogue among Sith and Jedi. As an different, the saber has two facets. Nonetheless not like Darth Maul and other double-sided lightsaber lovers’ sabers, Rey’s comes with a extraordinary hinge that lets it change into between double-sided and two single-blade sabers next to 1 every other.

The EFX Collectibles’ version of the hinged saber is a duplicate of Darkish Facet Rey’s from the trailer — entire with a plaque that claims Darkish Facet Rey Lightsaber. EFX made the reproduction out of accurate aluminum and all steel objects. The creators had been ready to glance the movie’s precise prop — equipped by Lucasfilm — to manufacture an true saber, accurate down to the weathering. EFX furthermore boasts that the hinge connecting the two sabers is the same fragment feeble in the particular prop.

Dark Side Rey lightsaber

Legend Collectibles/Lucasfilm

Whereas this is the first time a hinged — or switchblade — lightsaber appears to be like in a live motion Star Wars movie, the blade isn’t totally outlandish to Rey. In Clone Wars, Jedi Frequent Pong Krell makes employ of a hinged lightsaber in battle. In Rebels, Jedi Temple Guards furthermore employ these hinged sabers to defend the temple.

The EFX saber — which doesn’t appear to reach with a blade — won’t ship till early next 300 and sixty five days. Legend will furthermore finest distribute 750 of these lightsabers, making it a uncommon collector’s fragment. You would engage your possess Darkish Facet Rey Lightsaber on Legend Collectibles’ web space for $1,599.99.

Update: A old version of this account referred to Legend Collectibles as every the creator and distributor of the lightsaber. EFX Collectibles is to blame for the saber’s advent, while Legend Collectibles is the distributor. We’ve updated the account and talked about EFX because the creators.

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