Whether or now not you grew up warbling alongside to „Dreaming Of You“ into your hairbrush/microphone, or had been first launched by way of Jennifer Lopez’s star-making portrayal within the 1997 biopic, you know one thing holds vivid: the Tejana song star Selena Quintanilla used to be with out a doubt one of a kind. And whereas it is now not routine to procure of us dressing up in tribute every Halloween — hi, Kim Kardashian West! — with regards to a correct Selena tribute, the stakes are high.

Since we first realized that Strolling Unnecessary star Christian Serratos shall be on deck to play the icon in a brand new Netflix series, we now were waiting with bated breath to comprise a study what her version of Selena would peek like. Now, resulting from a sneak preview from the streaming giant, we sooner or later know: On Tuesday (November 12), Netflix released a clip of the actor entering full Selena mode, red jumpsuit and all. And naturally, that it is possible you’ll presumably now not fail to recollect the red lipstick, fittingly equipped by MAC Cosmetics, the identical ticket that launched a Selena tribute sequence that equipped out straight.

There is now not remarkable to the minute-lengthy clip, nonetheless what’s there matters plenty: The lengthy, red nails and feathered bangs. The file participant hitting the chorus of „Como La Flor“ vivid at the vivid 2nd. The peeks at a script, and a heed that we can survey a younger Selena at some level, vivid as we did within the Selena movie. Most efficient of all, Netflix released the clip with each English and Spanish captions, per the Mexican-American’s heritage and fanbase. It be additionally fitting that in 2015, Serratos told MTV News she’d like to play „somebody who’s terribly famously Latina.“ It seems she’s gotten her desire.

Portion 1 of the series is insist to fall in 2020 — and yes, estamos muy exasperated.

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