YouTube factual dropped a trailer for its upcoming documentary on AI. Titled ‚The Age of A.I.,‘ the series has none various than Iron Man himself — Robert Downey Jr. — speaking to the entrepreneurs and experts the exhaust of the existence-changing abilities to kind out the sector’s supreme considerations, from world hunger to independent riding to discovering alien existence.

The series will see Downey uncover the a mode of fields whereby AI is being used to create accurate tips and ideas beforehand relegated to sci-fi and magic. It also examines the influence these enhancements are having on accurate of us, alongside some mountainous-picture talk of the transformational capacity of synthetic intelligence for society at gigantic. And who knows, Downey may well presumably well also factual exhibit among one of the best ways probabilities are you’ll presumably be ready to create your personal J.A.R.V.I.S.

Episodes will open releasing open subsequent, with the first one approaching December 18. Following that, original episodes will doubtless be on hand without cost each week, though whenever you are a YouTube Top rate subscriber, probabilities are you’ll presumably beget get right to use to the first four out of eight episodes correct off the bat.

YouTube Rewind 2019 has arrived, but is it in fact better than final year?

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